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No One Is Staying Immune To The Powers Of Venus In Retrograde

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Do you feel a bit strange recently? Don’t worry, you are not alone in this. The Venus retrograde has already begun. What you are feeling right now is the intensity of this retrograde.

Just try to let it flow through you. Even within all this strangeness, I know you are curious about knowing how this retrograde is going to affect YOU. That’s why I’m here to tell you all about it.

A rare occasion

You must remember, the Venus retrograde is a very rare thing to happen. Actually, Venus goes retrograde less than any other planets – once in every 19 months and 7% of the time. This retrograde is a big thing for all of us.

Be aware, fellow Scorpios

It will especially be intense for all the Scorpios out there. Venus retrograde in Scorpio means intensity. It’s a sign of intense transformation. So, all your Scorpios would feel some intensity and transformative spirit rising in you. Don’t get overwhelmed by it. Use it and make yourself better. The planets are with you.

Letting it all out

But I don’t think anybody wants a repeated onslaught of intense energy. That’d be too exhausting for any human being. Especially, since there will a 6-week phase of the Venus Retrograde. The first 3 phase will be intense. But the second phase will be a time of purging out.

The anxieties of the past, the trapped thoughts, the unexpressed feelings, all these things that unsettle you will finally be able to come out. Yes, you’ll gather enough courage to speak your mind. Think about it for a moment – shouldn’t transformation also come with dealing with the past and trapped feeling and letting them out? That’s what you will be able to do this time.

The beginning of the new

However, there will be a change in the 2nd half of Venus retrograde. When Venus comes in conjunct with the Sun, we can mark it as the end of the previous 19-month Venus cycle.

It’s a new start. A new cycle is going to begin. We should look at it as a new beginning for all of us. This Venus Retrograde is going to end in an amazing way though. As a glorious finale for an amazing planetary show, the Venus retrograde is going to move straight to 25° Libra and go in conjunct with the highly benefic fixed star Spica.

That’s actually terrific news. We should look forward to a happy ending after all. But don’t expect it to come at your doorstep without any effort from you! We need to have awareness during this period. We have to work on ourselves and put our effort into our work.

Despite all the optimistic predictions that this retrograde brings with it, we cannot run from our feelings and from our work. When Venus is in Scorpio, it’s an intense time and it’s not the moment to run away from anything. Now, is the time to stay with your feelings and understand them, however uncomfortable they may make you.

Don’t let the intense energy tire you out just yet. And please don’t lose perspective during this time of the retrograde. Remind yourself that everything’s going to look up. The Venus Retrograde promises a happy future. Start planning how you’re going to spend it.

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Doron October 19, 2018 - 12:06 am


You are right!

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