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Get Ready: One Last Mercury Retrograde In 2018, And It’s Right There For The Holidays!

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by Conscious Reminder

We are again stepping into really difficult times and the reason is none other than the ill-famed Mercury retrograde! So this won’t be easy but we can survive it with a little caution and a lot of calm.

The first thing you must do is keep your mind open, to the positive possibilities, which is also the most exhausting thing when all you can see is chaos! Tell yourself “this too shall pass” and take a deep breath.

Mercury as we all know is the ‘Planet of Communication’- it governs all your relationships both personal and professional, the way you deal with your problems, your logical faculty, and your social life. It is an important influence in your life and its effect becomes topsy-turvy when it is in retrograde.

Suppose you are usually brilliant in meetings and can steer conversations in your favour but fail miserably during this period, your laptop may crash or even your travel plans may fail – don’t worry too much. All the confusion will eventually fade away and you’ll be yourself again.

So what actually happens during this phase? The planet goes into retrograde three to four times every year, but its influence changes with time so you will probably not recognise a pattern.

One thing that remains constant through all the cycles is the impulse to second guess everything – you will question the intentions of very close friends, you will doubt your loved ones, you will also think that people will take advantage of you professionally, and you will also lose faith in yourself. I know this seems like a bit too much, and it is, but you can always control its impact on your life by taking a few steps.

The retrograde on November 16th will happen in Sagittarius, a free and thrill-seeking sign. The period is one of bubbling energy and bursting enthusiasm fraught with positivity! It will then move into the most enigmatic sign – Scorpio.

The juxtaposition of the two signs can also be the source of new-found balance in your life. While the first sign will bring optimistic thoughts and good vibes, the second will force introspection and make you ponder over your life choices – the trick is to not give into one force but get the best of both the worlds. Your mind is the best weapon you’ll have to conquer the world – use it.

The festive season is a stressful time because there are a lot of monetary concerns, interactions with not-so favourite family members and also more people at work! So many things are on your plate that it is easy to feel lost.

\The interactions may leave you drained, but if you are cut off from your family, you may feel lonely and realise their value. Your reactions may give rise to misunderstandings but they will be solved with a little effort from your side.

You cannot ignore all communications because that is pretty much what runs the world but you can be more careful about it. Do not make important phone calls, call crucial meetings or make any commitments without thinking it through.

You must also choose your words with caution because there will be slip-of-tongues that can ruin relationships forever. Keep all backups handy as technology won’t be in your favour in this phase and it is better to take the necessary precautions to avoid a massacre!

Copy important files on your cloud storage or make lists on email instead of a device to save all the trouble. It is a short phase as Mercury will be back to its direct movement on December 6th. Keep calm and carry on!

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