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Taurus Season Horoscopes: Time To Kick Back And Relax

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by Conscious Reminder

The 2021 Aries Season was a little chaotic, upbeat, and fast-paced. However, it’s time to have a change-up in the vibe from 19th April.

Come the day, and this year’s Taurus Season will be officially here. It is going to be the best time for Capricorn, Virgo, and Taurus. Aquarius, Scorpio, and Leo, however, may find themselves struggling as the month goes on.

This year’s Taurus season is going to be extra influential. On 14th April, Venus stepped into Taurus while Mercury will do so on 19th April. Thus, three planets that are major (if the Sun is considered a planet) will be in Taurus. Therefore, regardless of the Sun sign, you will definitely be channeling Taurus energy.

What’s In Store For Taurus Season?

So, what is the meaning exactly? Taurus energy is known to pump your determination and desire to work harder. Moreover, you will prioritize commitment, stability, and security.

You will also be more practical in your approach. So this is the best time to choose the best goals you thought up during Aries season and focus on making them true.

However, this does not mean that Taurus season is not for playing at all. Venus, the planet known for beauty, pleasure, and love, rules Taurus. Thus, this is the perfect time to decorate the home, get a new tattoo or haircut, or even change up the wardrobe.

Moreover, Venus is also the planet for luxury. So make sure that you keep aside a day just for treating yourself. Taurus is also one of the most sensual when it comes to earth signs. Thus, this season is going to take sex life to a whole different level.

The only negative aspect of the season is the stubbornness of the sign. It becomes difficult to accept outside input when you are focused extra hard on your goals. However, try to keep in mind that just because someone else does not have the same opinion as yours, it does not make it wrong.

So, let’s find out how the season will fare for each star sign:


Financial matters will be a major concern this season. Remember, though, that a crisis can also be a lucrative option.


Congratulations on your birthday! Start on new projects and make full use of your season.


Taurus season is the time to look back on your past. Find your practicality and make the correct decision.


Social life will be in the spotlight this season. Step out a bit and look at all the connections waiting to be made.


Your work life will see you at the center of the stage. Work hard and any presentation or project will be pulled off to perfection.


Expand yourself and aim to be a more rounded person. Take the season to learn new stuff and amaze yourself.


This Taurus season will have an important lesson in commitment, longevity, and stability in relationships. However, financial trouble can be a slight bother.


Basically, this is the season to revel in companionship. All your focus is going to be on the most important people in your life.


The month will be busy. Reorganizing your life will be the priority. Try to make a routine for yourself to overcome your problems.


Taurus season will prove to be a wonderful time for Capricorns. Fun, sex, and romance are all being lit up by the season’s energy. Just enjoy the good times that are coming.


This season might have you taking things in a very slow space. You are connecting with your roots and working on your inside.


This Taurus season will help you open yourself to others. It is the time to find more meaning in your friendships and have important conversations.

Take It Easy During Taurus Season 

In the end, if recently you have been having a hard time relaxing, Taurus season will give you the chance to unwind and settle down. Try to go about things slowly but stay comfortable productive.

Take in the spring outside, and be grateful for the small things this April. Do these, and you will be having a successful and lovely Taurus Season.

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