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These 3 Zodiac Signs Are About To Have The Best Week, Even Though Mercury Is In Retrograde

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by Conscious Reminder

The Mercury retrograde has a reputation of turning our worlds all topsy-turvy and most of the times not in a cool or fun way. When I say that the Mercury retrograde has an intense effect on our lives, I mean it as solemnly as I could.

Being the Planet of Communication, the retrograde makes everything that has to do with any kind of communication go haywire. Simple things are misunderstood and often, these things are not cleared up until the end of time.

Along with the Mercury retrograde taking place, the Venus retrograde is ending, which means that things will be better than they were. Not only that, the planet of luck itself, which is Jupiter, takes its way into Sagittarius and this means that there is some luck in store for some of us.    

The three signs which are about to have the time of their lives are:-


There can be no denying that things have been difficult for you, with your ruling planet being off its normal path but things are going to look bright for you. These difficult times have not been fruitless for you, as you have learnt things about yourself and everything around you and even though you had to learn the hard way, it does not mean that applying this knowledge will be difficult.

With Venus returning on its normal path, you will feel freer, which means that you will know what to do when a problem presents itself, since you are free of the worries of the retrograde. Believe in yourself and have faith. All this good fortune was supposed to come your way- enjoy it.


Honestly, there could not be a better time for you to be here, just the way you are. All these changes bring what your personality is built for, which means that this is a time of creation. You will find a new willingness in yourself to do things and to do them in a way that has never been attempted before. You are going to find that you will feel the desire to start and accomplish things all on your own, without an external force making you do things.

I am not saying that this time will not have disadvantages of its own, but you have to remember that you are not like others- you do not give up in the face of adversity, you stick it out and find new ways to get your job done, without freaking out or wallowing in self-pity. Listen to your heart and find out what you truly want. It is the only way for you to know how to keep going. Once you start your journey, do not look back.


You are headed to the most incredible time of your life, things will work like they have never worked before and you are going to find that things just cannot seem to go wrong. If there is something big that you have been afraid to do for a long time, taking the plunge right now would not be a bad idea.

As I said, things will fall into place like magic but this is where there is a bit of a catch. You have to remember that life will not always be this smooth or easy, so it is your responsibility to use this period of luck in a judicious way and make sure that you secure what lies in the future. It is a golden opportunity- do not waste it!

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