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The Strange Solar Plexus Pull That Twin Flame Couples Feel

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by Conscious Reminder

The relationship of twin flames is often characterized by the incredible, as well as an immutable connection which ties them together on their spiritual plane, pulling them towards one another by their heart chakra, which is close to the solar plexus.

Such a connection is usually called ‘silver cord.’ However, why that silver cord makes twin flames experience the pulling of the solar plexus?

Twin flames magnetism 

Well, before the birth of our souls, we and our twin flames were just one soul. And, on that birth of souls, we separated as two souls.

However, the halves of that single soul are not halves in fact, but they are said to be mirror expressions of the energies of that single soul.

The separation usually occurs so there would be the twin flames that will share their spiritual purpose of reaching some ascension. Not reaching it, every soul is going to be alone on its journey. However, the soul will want to be single once again, as it is just the natural and only state it has.

To become one, twin flames will need to meet each other. The energies of people are often attracted to the ones which are similar to theirs. Actually, no energy can be more familiar and similar than the one of your twin flame, regardless of the way in which such energies have been expressed.

Often, twin flames possess a number of differences on a superficial level, but similarities on the level of core value. Paying closer attention, you will notice that every one of us gravitates towards such type of a person. In fact, that is the nature of those spiritual energies.

The pulling of the solar plexus

Why is the solar plexus pulling us? The solar plexus is the place where the Power chakra and the Heart Chakra are intertwining, and they both play a vital role when it comes to spiritual relation of the twin flames. The heart chakra governs the ability to love and be kind.

Through all those energies of it, every one of us experiences different emotions, negative or positive ones, which are actually related to other people. Here are included kindness and love, as well as sympathy, empathy and even heartbreak.

So, the relationship between twin flames, as well as the connection between them is actually entirely built on the basis of unconditional loving. Thus, that silver cord attaches to your heart chakra simply naturally.

It is the place in which the shared energies are the most powerful, concentrated, as well as are the driving force behind the spiritual missions which twin flames have.

Moreover, the heart chakra is situated in the center of the entire body, connecting the three highest ones with the three lowest chakras. Actually, it implies that heart chakra is an excellent, energetic connection.

Finally, this is the purpose that the silver cord connection serves. It creates a link which helps twin flames to share their energies, so they can fulfill their spiritual journeys, as well as find one another as a primary aim.

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