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The Creation Of A Narcissist: No One Is Born A Manipulator

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by Conscious Reminder

If you are thinking about the people who are the most despised on the planet, the only answer that would come to your mind is “narcissists”.

Some personalities bring about a wave of sympathy in people, but pathological narcissists do not do so. People feel a sense of pity in the beginning but this does not last long due to their traits. 

The First Act In A Narcissists Life

The narcissist would present themself as weak victims but later on, they would turn out to be extremely hateful, abusive, and controlling.

It is extremely difficult to love such a person who works hard to hurt the feelings of others, especially those who care about them. This is the only trait that makes people shy away from feeling sympathetic towards them.

You will often hear about the various degrees of destruction or abuse created by pathological narcissists but it is never discussed as to how these people became the way they are. 

If you are dealing with such a person, this becomes an important detail to really understand about him.

How To Create A Narcissist

The creation of narcissists requires neglect and a tinge of indulgence. If the child is ignored, invalidated, and spoilt, he would grow up to be empty, angry, and dysfunctional.

He would fail to care about anything else other than himself and his own feelings and feel entitled to do anything that they want. If he fails to get something, a wave of frustration would take over his personality.

Pathological narcissists are basically sad, lost, and crippled children who walk around the face of the Earth with no one to about and nowhere to go.

The prisons are full of such people as it is a terrible disorder that ruins their life and banishes them to hell.

What Is The Underlying Reason Behind Such A Disorder

These people we call narcissists, suffer from a “narcissistic wound”. This scar is internal and it injures the person in their early development stages. These wounds can be related to the series of traumas that made the narcissists what they are.

These traumas occurred after the person had developed emotions, but these emotions were not sophisticated or properly understood. Thus, we can safely say that narcissists suffer from too many emotions, instead of the common saying that they “lack” emotions.

They do not have the ability to control their emotions and the few emotions that they have are all self-centered. This is why they fail to empathize with others when they are upset.

How Can You Avoid It?

You can easily avoid this by being a great parent. Try spending more time with your children and listen to everything that they say.

Always try to validate their feelings and never talk them out of their feelings. This is all it takes to wipe the epidemic of narcissism and make the world a better place.

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