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Mars Is Turning Direct November 13th: Watch For Signs And Clues

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by Conscious Reminder

For the last couple of months, the planet of action and motivation had been in Retrograde motion. Mars turns Retrograde every 2 years and the effect is felt quite strongly.

During a Retrograde, planets channelize our energies inwards, making us introspect. Mars too has been working on your deeper layers, although we may not have felt it directly. Mars’ travel through the underworld is bringing us some surprises.

As Mars turns direct on 13th November, we will be able to better understand the work it has been putting in. The inner work will be soon revealed. This new information that surfaces will help each of us move ahead stronger. With its motivating energy, Mars will soon guide us towards our purpose.

It brings a new burst of energy and we can finally move on from the stagnancy we have been feeling. We will be able to take the actions we need to take. If you have a project pending from the first half of the year, new inspiration might help restart that project.

Whatever you’re working on now, and struggling with, will start to move slowly. Make some adjustments and it will get off the ground. Be open to new ideas and perspectives. Look into the lessons Mars has been teaching you for the last couple of months.

The Retrograde phase was our time to unwind and relax. From time to time, we all need to look into our actions and reflect on them. Just marching forward won’t help. Mars Retrograde helps us assess the consequences of our actions.

But we are free in our choices. And each choice has a different consequence. We don’t always have to follow the rules. We can create our own path with the necessary actions.

What is important is that we follow what the heart truly desires. We need to take stock and reassess our plans. The goal is the same. We need to adjust the course from time to time.

With the Retrograde, we get a chance to align ourselves with our actions and higher purpose. If your actions are not leading you towards your ideal life, you need to make adjustments. Are your actions taking you closer to your goals, or are they distracting you from the true path?

From mid-November, as the planet of action and motivation turns direct, life will go back to its old ways. But it is up to us what we do with the Retrograde energy and inner work. Are you willing to make some sacrifices?

Are you prepared to make the necessary changes? Tune in to the energies the Mars Retrograde is sending and let them be your guide. If you can align your actions with this guidance, you can reach your goals faster and more easily than you had imagined.

In the coming days, since we still have another week or so of the Mars Retrograde, pay close attention to the things unfolding before you. As the planet turns direct, you will know what to do with the clues the Universe has been sending you.

Don’t waste this opportunity though. Mars won’t visit the underworld till October 2022. So make the most of the current energies and start working towards your goal in the coming days!

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