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New Moon Rising In Taurus May 4th: Take It Slow, No Need To Rush

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The New Moon in Taurus falls on 4th May 2019. Now, while Full Moons are a sign of things completing or the rounding off a full circle, New Moons are symbols of starting something new, fresh, and unheard of.

So, if you have plans that you want to put into motion, this might be the best time to do so. This period can also get quite aggressive.

With three planets in retrograde, your feelings might get intensified, for the Moon would also tug onto your consciousness. While the Moon keeps highlighting the things you cherish, it might be a good idea to align all your goals along your journey to get the full rewards from it.

Remember, don’t go too fast. Take it slow, and take a good look at every road before you start walking it. 

Your superpower is the fact that you can make choices and decisions every single day. And interestingly enough, every single one of them will give shape to your future. 

Your main freedom and satisfaction lie in the fact that you can live life according to your values. What you really love, what you want, and what you think is completely unique.

And truth be told, who you are matters more than how you act. The real you are beyond all limitations of your actions. It depends on what you actually are for that makes up the truth about your entire existence.

Don’t lose sight of anything now. There would be times when the Creator is speaking to you. Listen well. Take actions when necessary. Wait when it is required for you to wait.

Learn to sharpen your intuition to a point where your reflex would do the work for you. Don’t go looking for more. Do with whatever you have, and start it whenever you want.

Manifestation of the Moon

New Moons have always been symbolic of new beginnings, and initiation into new starts. Making promises, finalizing deals, making wishes, all are common customs during this period. You will plant the seed that is going to grow and change your life.

Remember to always be clear on what you want, for words and intentions have power. And this power vibrates. So, just like the Moon has phases, our phases need to be aligned to it, and we need to be completely sure of what we want. For only then will our intentions vibrate to the point necessary.

Setting Intentions

Try cleansing your sacred area using burning incense, or some smudging.

Light candles, and keep crystals in your hands.

Play peaceful music, and try calming yourself with deep breaths.

Start writing what you desire. It can be big, and it can be small. Always remember that sometimes, the smaller things in life matter more than larger ones.

Now, close your eyes and try thinking about achieving those goals. Don’t think about the journey- think that you have achieved it. What do you feel? If you feel amazing, things have already started in motion.

As you see your desires coming through, cross them off your list.

New Moon Ceremonies

Begin with a fresh start, a fresh routine, a new initiation, and a new project.

Fix an intention, and write it down.

Light a white candle, and think of the new, joyful things moving towards you.

Breathe in this reality, and start believing in it every single day.

The New Moon is bringing all sort of energies to recharge and reset. Take care.

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