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Clean Your Aura With The Powerful Amber

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by Conscious Reminder

Properties of Amber:

This is a petrified resin from ancient times, probably pine tree, which has electromagnetic characteristics and properties. For example, if you rub a piece of this stone with some cloth, is going to build up some electric charges which will make it attract minor items like wood shavings, straw, and paper. Also, it is good for detoxification, as well as it protects from radiation, particularly x-rays, or also the sun, airport, computers, planes, as well as other energies of people.

Because of the strong link it as to nature, as well as the earth, the Amber is an excellent grounding stone of the high energies. Also, it may add some stability to our life. The Amber helps to clear up suicidal thoughts or depression, hence bringing a positive and optimistic mental state. In addition, Amber helps us with our memory, so it will be an excellent stone to use when studying. It also aligns emotional and mental bodies with its profound yellow and orange color.

The Amber is, in fact, a cleanser of the aura. It helps in bringing some high vibrations in the right order, clearing negativity and the environment around us. It is actually the stone that brings excellent wisdom. It is best-known for attracting luck, love, calm energy, changes and improving wisdom.

The use of Amber in folk remedies:

This stone is a potent healer that can draw out diseases through the efforts of detoxifying. It can revitalize our tissue, hence making it an excellent stone for the healing of wounds, or also weight gain. In fact, this is a stone which helps our throat chakra, which is famous for treating the goiter. It also opens our solar plexus chakra for some mental stability and clarity, a balance of our mood, as well as confidence. Hence, it is helpful with spine problems, disorders of the central nervous system, stomach anxiety, brain, loss of memory, and even regeneration of cells. For instance, we can prepare an elixir using this tone and then apply it to our pain problems.

The stone is famous for its ability to stimulate our metabolism, as well as treating some skin disorders. Also, it can be used to treat allergic reactions and asthma.

The use of Amber in Feng Shui:

This stone is utilized in the central/health position in order to encourage excellent health, and even create calm and balance. For example, we can utilize it in our Northeast area to bring some self-wisdom and cultivation, and in our Southwest area to bring some love, partners, as well as relationships, and even for removing negative energies from our room. We can utilize it in any type of room in order to attract some change into that space.

Cleansing the crystal:

The Amber has to be cleaned immediately after it was utilized for healing, in order to dispense all the negative energies which it absorbed. When we use it for treating some negativity, the stone becomes cloudy. We can perform the cleaning by running the stone under some warm water, and simpler, we can even charge it during the night in a bowl of tumbled hematite. Also, we have to be very careful as it is going to become brittle when left in the sunlight for longer time periods.

History of the Amber stone:

The Amber or also resin, with the formula C10H16O+H2S, in fact, was utilized in sacred incense for a longer time in the history and was also worn like a stone for healing by the American and Asian Indian traditions and cultures for thousands of years. It is an organic gem which can come from between 1 and 360 million years. The stone is made by adding pressure and heat to the resin, which is at first sticky. When some leaves or also insects can be found as an addition to the resin, its value will increase.

Some archaeologists have discovered some artifacts of this stone which dated back to some cultures such as Egyptian, Assyrian, Phoenician, as well as Greek and even Roman. The Persians called it the attractor of straw, and the Greek called it sun gold. The name was derived from one Arab name, ‘al-Anbar’.

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