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Mercury In Sagittarius December 12th: Don’t Blow Things Out Of Proportion

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by Conscious Reminder

The planet Mercury, being in the sign of Sagittarius, has a combination of feelings. This time may be overwhelming for the planet, as some minor things may get dismissed of the proportion, and also, tales may become even taller than they are usual.

However, the time of the planet in Sagittarius can end as a blessing as well, because the adventurous and open-minded Sagittarius will help us in a widening of our own thoughts. As Sagittarius is a visionary, the minds of people, in the end, may wander far, as well as wide at the time of the transit.

Moving in the sign of Sagittarius, the planet is known for being some kind of a wild card. The reason for this is as the planet is concerned about words and ideas, and the sign is about action. Such a combination may lead to situations of speaking without even thinking, saying rude things accidentally, or telling untrue things.

When will this transit occur?

As the sign of Sagittarius frequently has the sights being set on future events, the presence of Mercury in it will support such visions. In fact, the trick would be to utilize the meticulous knack of Mercury for filling every detail, so those pictures you sell are actually the ones that develop.

Everywhere this sign goes it adds some touch of interest and excitement, meaning that this period may be one of some enthusiastic words, passionate and interesting debates, as well as positive messages. During this transit, a person is supposed to drop his or her prejudices, and not their reason. In order to discover every answer to the biggest questions in life, it will be essential to appreciate distinct perspectives.

Every one of us should remember that he should first think and then speak during this period. The reason for this is as words may come out of the mouth without even checking if they are real, or taking into consideration the feelings of others.

The sign of Sagittarius is actually depicted by the Archer, or the explorer, meaning that we have endless possibilities during the travel of Mercury in this sign. Now, we will also be motivated to make our minds, as well as horizons wider, so it will be an excellent time to think about some trip, starting school once again, or finding a new job too.

The retrograde of Mercury in the sign of Sagittarius.

Some of the common irritations which are connected with the retrograde of this planet, such as weak communication, traffic jams, poor connections, and so on, are probably going to occur at the time when Mercury will return back in Sagittarius. Also, as everything seems exaggerated when under Sagittarius, some chaos can be more desperate than often. Luckily, the positive outlook of this sign will help us keep our senses of humor.

The sign of Sagittarius can sometimes be brutal, and cruel, and it says completely everything that it has on mind. So, at the time of the retrograde, a person can say what he thinks without applying any filters to words. However, he or she should be careful of that too, because they can create some conflicts which will linger well right after the end of the retrograde.

What about being born with the planet Mercury in the sign of Sagittarius?

People born during such transit may need immense intellectual stimulation. They are interested in everything and anything. Mainly, they love to dig in subjects which will provide them with wider perspective like religion, psychology, philosophy or something that is related to some higher and better education. Their desire for learning about this world can be a sign that they love to study or travel abroad.

They also believe that communication face to face is the real and worthwhile type of communication. Sometimes, they can get themselves in some trouble, being too candid; however, they never want to cause harm.

This influence of the sign will make them more focused on some bigger, as well as brighter pictures instead of getting bogged down in some details. The most important thing for them is freedom of their thoughts, and they actually have powerful opinions and ideas on a great variety of subjects and topics. That’s why they are always prepared for good and long debates.

Because of this witty, outgoing and expressive nature, they often stand out on some social occasions and situations. They are also interesting storytellers, making other people love being in their company.

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