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Bring Autumn Harmony Into Your House Through Feng Shui

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Autumn’s here. The shorter days and longer nights will be breaking the harmony of summer. The temperature will be mellow and pleasing.

Autumn is change – and we need to bring about certain changes in our décor to let the autumnal energy flow and bring calm and peace inside our houses. This is where Feng Shui comes in. Feng Shui is an ancient art that aims to bring harmony and prosperity in your house if you let the energy flow in. Here are some Feng Shui tips for this Fall:

A time for your houseplants

Plants need sun. But autumn will make the sun set faster. Plants will become weaker in this period. Leaves will go dry and wither until the next spring. You will have to take extra care of your plants during this season. Green and healthy houseplants are amazing for creating harmony, but if they become weak and dry, it will attract negative energy, or Chi. We don’t want that. Dedicate a bit of your time to your houseplants, they need it.

Apples in your basket

Red apples signify plenty of food. Keep red apples in the basket throughout the season. It will invite the energy of abundance, and through autumn and winter, you’ll have enough food to feed yourself and your loving family.

Cleaning up

It’s refreshing to stay outdoors in summers and enjoy the sun on your face. We often tend to forget all the dust and cobwebs accumulating inside our house during this period. Now, in autumn, we need to come back and stay indoors most of the time. Time to take care of those cobwebs and dust bunnies, and make everything clean. It attracts negative energy and also makes you sick with allergies. Autumns are notorious for it.

Let the Winds flow though

Fall brings the winds of change with it. It’s breezy and cool outside. It’s natural to close the windows and let the dust stay out. But it also blocks out the important Chi from flowing within our house. The wind brings the energy with it and we should not disrupt the circulation of this energy. If we are really bothered by the wind, leave at least one window open. Let the winds flow through and fill the rooms with the new Chi energy of autumn.

Remove Dead Leaves

Autumn will arrive with its signature dead leaves. It’s the natural process of death and rebirth that the trees go through. But dead leaves attract negative energy. It’s not a good thing to keep them accumulated around the house.

Make an effort to keep your surroundings clear of any dead remains of leaves or branches. You need all the good energy to flow through autumn and winter, and remember, your aim is to make your day a lively one.

Cut off branches leaning too close to the house

Do you have a garden? That’s wonderful. You can have a burst of Chi flowing through your rooms. Well-kept plants bring in a lot of harmonizing energy. But you must take care of certain things to make sure you get all the positive energy from it.

Do you have trees with overgrown branches hanging on the roof and touching against the tiles? If so, trim these plants. In Feng Shui, branches invite excess burden on your shoulders. Let’s keep this autumn and winter light for our minds too!

Change the Furniture

Fall is change. The weather’s changing, and the colors of the trees are changing. It’s a clear indication from Nature that we need to change with it. So, how do we do it? It’s simple – we can reposition our furniture, even if it means shifting them a few inches away from the window.

It’s not necessary to buy new furniture or discard the old. We can just make some spaces for the autumnal and equinox energy to flow through our rooms. Give it enough freedom to enrich the house.

Let’s bring harmony to our lives. Balance is especially important during the times of change. With Fall, let us care for ourselves and bring us in terms of the harmonizing elements of nature.

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