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These Are 5 Reasons Why Strong People Let Karma Take Care Of It

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

In this article, we are going to present you the five good reasons why you have to let karma do the revenge instead of you.

Although a lot of people believe that they are going to find some relief if they get revenge personally on the person that did them something wrong, those people that are stronger are sure that it will be much better to permit karma do that dirty work instead of them.

You have probably heard the saying ‘What goes around comes around,’ so you will not have to take revenge because of the following essential reasons:

You will feel much satisfied when you see karma doing that instead of you.

Sooner or later, those people that were going around and doing some wrong things to other people will experience the same thing. Karma never misses when it strikes, and it also hits as harder as it can. To watch a person destroying himself or herself will be much more satisfying and relieving than personally taking the revenge.

You will have your hands always clean.

One important thing is keeping your hands always clean. Sometimes, revenge may not be achieved so easily or legally. Instead, karma is something free, and it does not include some kind of shady, as well as negative activities. Revenge is a dirty and harmful task, while karma will keep the conscience clean. You have to keep yourself secure, and your mind or heart at ease as you will let karma take care of everything. Those that are powerful and strong people certainly know the importance and value of keeping hands always clean.

Knowing that you have to pick the battles.

Those that are wise know that they will not be able to fight the entire world at one moment. You have to keep in mind that when the day is over, taking a lot of battles at one moment will be counterproductive. Your aims and desires for revenge will usually turn into a grudge. Such grudges are actually not worth your mental energy. You can best spend your energy by looking on your future and not back on your past grudges or injustices.

There could be horrible consequences when personally taking revenge.

Even when the vision of your revenge will be successful in keeping your hands always clean, some consequences to the actions you take will always exist. Karma is such consequence. Even when no one else will know what you actually did, karma will. You will be the one who knows what you actually did, so the Universe will also know. Those that are stronger people always remember that the positive karma of their own is much valuable and better than any revenge type may ever be.

Living well will be the best possible revenge.

George Herbert, who is an English poet from the 17th century, said that the best thing a person can do is live well, and that will be excellent revenge. In this, the poet was entirely correct. So, remember that if you want to take personal revenge on people that did something wrong to you, you should live the life in the best possible way. Success is a person’s most significant thing, so people that did you something wrong in your past are going to be envious to your success, being unable to share it.

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1 comment

Miki December 13, 2018 - 9:40 pm

Wishing bad karma on someone, or enjoying it, is no better than exacting your own revenge. It will also bring that bad karma to you! Shame on this post, it’s really not enlightened at all. But, you do you. It’s your life, and your karma, LOL.


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