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5 Changes You Need To Make In Your Life To Ensure Your Happiness

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Ever wondered why you aren’t as happy as you could be? Well, it could be because your happiness depends upon a lot of external elements that are beyond your control.

And as you are reading this, doesn’t it strike you as odd – why should one’s happiness not be in their control?

Here are 5 changes that you can make in your lifestyle to maximize your happiness and contentment.

1. Comparisons

You are a sucker for comparing your life to others’. And that somewhere down the line, leads to jealousy and other vices. You can never be happy for someone without comparing your life with them.

Just ask yourself for a moment – do they lead the same life as you do? They don’t so why should you be comparing apples to oranges? Live your life without comparisons and you will see yourself happier.

2. Meaninglessness

When you wake up every single morning with the same ‘Oh s***, here we go again’ attitude, it is bound to stop you from being happy. Waking up in the morning should be a joyful affair, not tinged with the feeling of ‘Where is this life going to lead?’

Find meaning in the small gifts of life, instead of trying to reach for the stars every time. And if you are observant enough, you will find happiness wherever you look.

3. Dependence

This is the worst sign. You are dependent on other people for your OWN happiness. How is that beneficial to you in any way? If your happiness doesn’t come from within if your joy isn’t something voluntary, what joy will it provide? Nothing.

Be happy with yourself. Looking for external satisfaction will satiate for you the time being, but true happiness will only be present if you are happy with, and at yourself.

4. Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Don’t just stand there talking about your goals, work for them! Not only do you come across as weak and just another arrogant person, but you will also never be happy simply talking about it.

Spend your time working towards your dreams. Standing in a circle of friends, and talking about your goals will only make you wistful because there will be this longing to achieve them but no actions to follow through.

5. Connect With Nature

If you are stuck in the same surroundings every day, it is time for some changes. Your mood is affected negatively if you are detached from nature for too long. Uninspired and irritated will be your standard moods.

Visit a museum or take a walk in nature or anything that can provide you inspiration. Nature makes us happy so why not work with that!

If you make the necessary changes in your life inspired by these points, you would be much happier and content with your life.

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