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The Past Life Regressions Healing Technique And Why It Can Make A Difference

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by Conscious Reminder

A lot of people believe in past lives.

This is not something about fairy tales or fantasy novels. The past life regression is actually available as hypnotherapy which is utilized to heal or also transform root causes related to physical diseases and emotional patterns and issues.

It can even help you in connecting with your soul – in order to get the answers about your career, relationship, aspiration, desires, fears, or even the purpose of your life.

This kind of regression is actually based on the beliefs in reincarnation, which say that the soul is indestructible and eternal.

Held by certain spiritual traditions and cultures, it is assumed that the soul evolves from one lifetime to another in various bodies. It does that in order to person to learn and grow and to ultimately and fully embody or realize that he or she is one spiritual being.

Another belief related to regression from past life is karma, which is a spiritual principle of cause and effect. Karma works in a way that the past experiences, actions, and thoughts of one person directly affect his or her future and present.

Although psychology commonly understands that your parents, life experiences, and childhood change who you are in your life, karma actually takes the concept further, in order to span the past lives of your soul.

There is no person in this world that is conscious of everything that happens in his or her subconscious in every given moment in the day. However, there are those moments when your experiences and issues mystify you.

You probably ask yourself a lot of questions, such as why you are here on this planet, or what the real purpose of your soul is, who were you in your past life, or why you feel repelled or adore someone?

 The truth is that you definitely asked one or more of the questions mentioned before. That is usually as you are one spiritual being.

With the help of the musings and experiences, the soul is whispering to you, in order to let you know that there is something more than you know. The knowledge resides in those profound soul parts. This knowledge will provide you with answers, guidance, and healing, to solve the problems in life.

The past life regression is said to be a holistic body, psyche, mind, and soul therapy, which is based on karma. Your soul, which is the Higher Self too, is indestructible and divine, all-knowing and eternal. What occurs in your current life will carry over into the next one.

You will be able to transform and heal on a soul level with this therapy, usually quickly and more effectively than some other healing therapies or modalities.

Here are the twelve reasons why should we care about having a past life regression:

1. We touch or feel our soul, and we know who we actually are as spiritual beings;

2. We receive unrestricted and unconditional love. We feel and understand how divine and sacred we are. We know how precious and loved we are;

3. We can discover the purpose of our soul, and why we are here on this planet;

4. We are able to comprehend the dynamics which is behind important relationships – both challenging and wonderful ones;

5. We can heal some physical problems;

6. We can also heal emotional problems such as fears, phobias, and transform the toxic mindsets which make us feel powerless, unlovable and abandoned;

7. We will get the so-called “soul perspective.” In fact, this is going to change the way we see ourselves, our lives and relationships too;

8. Untapped, latent gifts and talents may awaken in us;

9. We will receive love and guidance from our spirit guides;

10. We can transform and heal on the cellular level quite quickly;

11. We may also connect with our soul family, the kindred souls that are beyond our earth family;

12. We will experience and feel our divinity, true love nature, or the nature of joy, wholeness, and peace.

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