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Leo Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse, January 21st: Time To Work On Your Relationships

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by Conscious Reminder

On 21st January, 2019, the Full Moon will be in Leo. The Full Moon brings an end to the promises and events that had begun when the New Moon came about.

It is an emotional period and brings the promise to fulfill those wishes that you had made during the Full Moon. The result is a time of fertilization and romance. When it is 12:17 am EST, this moon will be undergoing a total Lunar Eclipse.

Feeling the want in your Relationship

The Full Moon becomes especially powerful when it is going through the total Lunar Eclipse. Generally, these eclipses have an effect on the relationships present between two people. They bring a crisis into light which had been buried under the surface for a long time. Generally, this crisis may be the crisis of want.

Both of you lack something which the relationship is not bringing, and this feeling of lack intensifies during the eclipse. Thus, it becomes quite a straining period for most couples. If the lack is too much, there is always a change that the relationships can get severed. But don’t get too worried?

The lack can also be indicative that the two of you miss each other and need to come closer. You will acknowledge the presence of your partner in your life and realise how much you want them to be with you. As a result, the feeling of lack can actually help to bring the two of you closer to one another.

Being One with yourself

While the Lunar Eclipse is more inclined towards relationship than the Solar Eclipse, that does not mean that the relationship always has to be on the exterior. It could also be a relationship with your own self, and can make you realise the places you need to work and build to become a better person.

It will help you understand yourself better so that you can direct your decisions towards the right path. If there had been many questions or things in your mind for a while, it is this time that you can bring it out and start to resolve the issues. It helps us to analyse who we are and what we need in a much better manner.

Combining the personal and the impersonal

The Lunar eclipse also has the Leo-Aquarius polarity. The two opposites deal with two different sides of us – the personal (Leo) and the Impersonal (Aquarius). Leo brings up creative expression to the surface. It is proud and so you can get a well-needed boost to your individual selves.

We can receive this boost in the form of romance or through our creative pleasures. On the other hand, the Aquarius is not related to the individual, but more to the group. It deals with objectivity and friendship which still haven’t crossed the threshold of personal. The Full Moon tries to bring a balance between these two sides by creating a strong bond between friendship and romance.

We can do so by expressing ourselves in both the impersonal way and well as the personal way, which is why this polarity conjoins the two sides and makes it easier for our self-expression. This is the final eclipse that is taking place along the Leo and Aquarius axis and so the energies may seem to be in the bit of a rush.

You might feel it to be bit stronger and the changes occurring around might be so fast that it would be difficult for you to keep pace. The next eclipse in the same axis occurs after a long time – around 2026-2028.

The Lunar Eclipse of January 2019 is a special one. It brings you the motivation to become one with your inner self and build up on it. Best of luck and make sure that you grow better during this Lunar Eclipse! 

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