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Venus In Taurus 2019 – What It Means For Your Sensual Pleasures & Intimate Life

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by Conscious Reminder

This season, your life is going to become oh-so-sensual in a flash. But you will ask, how so? Well, the reply is, it is going to get sensual in plenty more ways than just one.

It is when the luscious Venus comes together with the pomp and stability of Taurus – the best things are in order.

Venus is also the ruler of Libra. So, it suffices to say that the love goddess blossoms beautifully during its travel through the zodiac of scales. Venus certainly is the ruler of our beauty, charms, aesthetic, relationships, sweet-tooth, economic abilities, and so much more.

So, it only comes as a pleasant surprise when Venus thrives in Taurus. Keeping in mind that Taurus grounds us to reality, it obvious that Venus becomes so much more alive with the vibrancy of Taurus.

May 15th – Venus in Taurus

The Fact of The Day: Marilyn Monroe, the Hollywood diva, was a Gemini, but her public persona and destiny were in Taurus. Therefore, the planet clearly reveres her irresistible sensuality and perceived sexual charisma.

So unsurprisingly enough, when stunning Venus travels through Taurus, the steady, the beauty of the world is a thing which immediately comes into mind. The cosmic energy that this radiates grounds you with the reality around you. Your relationships, your finances, and your overall sense of well-being and security will be the chief focus.

Holding hands, hugging, caressing, and a myriad of sweet loving gestures will make everyday appearances now. Venus in the zodiac of Taurus must express itself using all the 5 senses. Taurus loves the pleasures of earthly life and goddess Venus has arrived to do precisely that! It should come as no surprise that this time is to enjoy that delicious meal, a hearty dessert, or even that relaxing spa visit. Just remember, the cosmic gods are in your favor right now.

How Is Your Sex Life Going To See A Change?

This cosmic event holds physical pleasure, comfort, and aesthetics in high regard. Venus in the Taurus zodiac savors the very act of making love, taking all the time in the world. Hence, you will quite possibly be confronted with the same sensual possibility.

Taurus is always on the lookout for something that is dependable, practical, and simple. This makes the probability of finding that one steady sexual schedule or a steady lover pretty likely. It is important to ensure that your partner is up for the task though. Venus in the Taurus zodiac would love to ensure all those things in her checklist are fulfilled.

Sexual loyalty and possessing lovers are a general desire of Venus in Taurus. The possession makes Venus feel absolutely secure. This period must be a cautionary time for being jealous or clingy in the sexual relationships that you have.

Also, make sure that your cuddling tactics are heightened. Physical affection is important during this transit and hugs will be plentiful. PDA, not your thing? Aesthetics can fill that void, so you can always binge on that ravishing thing.

How are planning to bank on all this sensual energy?

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