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Do You Want Abundance To Flow Into Your Life? Get Rid Of These 10 Things

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

We have a lot of toxic beliefs in our mind about the meaning of wealthy, abundant, as well as having a large amount of money – instead of permitting those ideas go, and permit ourselves to enjoy and be happy with all those blessings which abundance provides for us, we still hold them.

But, this stops here. From this day on, we are going to stop doing the things which do not serve us any purpose anymore, and we are going to grab change.

1. Shift away from your scarcity mindset  

The world we live in actually has sufficient for all of us, so we need to believe in this being true. We have to change our life and our mindset too. Also, we should give up our scarcity cognitively, and you are going to be plentiful.

2. Give up on lowering your self-esteem.

We have to give up that need of seeing ourselves as small, insignificant, as well as unworthy. We are one living and breathing mystery, and we appeared out of nowhere in the world. Also, we have the right to enjoy every fantastic present which life offers us, just like everybody else does.  We have to give up the absence of self-esteem and permit ourselves abundance.

3. Give up responsibility and blame.

We should stop blaming our parents, the government, our spouse, God, or the entire world for the non-successful relationship we have with money. We are not victims, and we have to stop behaving like we are. We have to take control for our life, as well as stop giving powers away.

4. Stop thinking you are not good enough to be abundant.

Actually, to be abundant is not a wrong thing. Also, it is not a crazy thing to permit our life to cover us with a lot of gifts, as well as blessings. So, we need to stop refusing it and begin holding on to it.

5. Deprogram.

It is not important where we were in our past or how little, we, together with our family or forefathers had a lot of years ago. That is only a memory and not our reality. So, we have to treat it like that. Times changes, and we have to change too.

6. Walk away from your fears and doubts.

We should give up those fears of not being worth or not deserving abundance, as well as wealth, and also about the fact that money is the source of evil. Actually, evil appears as a result of what people are doing with the money, and not actually from that money as an object. We should always remember this.

7. Stop the self-destruction.

First of all, we need to stop attempting to go ahead when our breaks are on. We should lift our feet off the self-destroy and after that put it on the pedal of abundance.

8. Give up the toxic ideas which say life needs to be a striving.

Our lives are not designed to be a struggle, but we actually make it to be like that with believing in such ideas. We should give up all those toxic beliefs, and we will see that things are going to change for even better.

9. Abandon the idea that spirituality and abundance don’t go together.

When we say that these two things do not go one by one, it is just like we say that inhaling and exhaling do not go together too. They cannot go without each other. To exhale, we have to first inhale. This is identical with abundance. We have to permit ourselves to receive so that we can give.

10. Declutter your vibrations.

Nikola Tesla, the popular scientist, was actually the one that advised people to think regarding frequency, energy, as well as vibration so that they could find Universe’s secrets. With the clearing of our vibrating clutter, we are going to discover not only those secrets, but that our real nature is actually abundant.

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