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You Can Create Your Own Spiritual Practice That Will Connect You With The Devine

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

There are a lot of people who don’t have anything against meditation. They love meditation, and they practice it a couple of times during a week.

However, there are also others who don’t have anything against it, but they do not really love to practice it, and they are cool with it.

When a person leads a spiritual life, it means that he or she leads a life which is without judgment and which turns to love consciousness. The single requirement of such sacred practice usually is the connection which brings you awareness and joy.

Are you prepared for this? Remember that you will not need meditation.

How can you create your sacred practice which is going to work for you?

It is said that the sacred practice consists of several components, such as conversation, commitment, and connection. It is up to you to determine which is the being and which is the doing step of the components.

Here, you can read several ideas for every component:


In fact, this component is about establishing a connection with your own self or with the Divine. There are several ways you may do this, such as taking a walk in nature, being quiet, or activating the connection you have with the Divine, saying: “Divine Intelligence, create a conscious connection with my higher power.”

One of the most significant things would be that the connection does not feel like a chore or forced.


So, this component is intended for asking and then receiving answers. For instance, you may do this during the time of connection, by journaling, or utilizing Divination tools, and just asking and waiting to hear the answers.


The third component is a commitment, and it is actually to dedicate yourself to listen precisely, reflect, be aware and then transform. This actually means noticing when and where you feel that you are not connected with the higher power, asking yourself: “What do I need to activate (turn on like a super-power), let go of, accept, or allow to move back into a deep connection?”

You should not forget to involve your entire body at the time of the sacred practice. Usually, people forget this, so they involve movement, or ask some questions, or even permit their body give the answers or merely practice profound love for the thing which holds your best asset, the soul.

So, remember that sacred practice is all about connection and joy. It is also about creating your foundation of being aware that someone loves you and that something bigger supports you, bigger than the mind. Continuing the participation in your sacred practice will create a sense of joy, ease, and safety in your life.

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