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These 8 Signs Say You Might Be A Descendant Of A Long Line Of Powerful Witches

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by Conscious Reminder

Before Hermione Granger, nobody thought that witches could be cool, or for that matter good. That particular word always had some very negative connotations.

Since then, some things have changed and some haven’t. People still think of witches as spell casting, pointy hat wearing hags. Thankfully we have moved on from burning women who were suspected of witchcraft.

But do you know witches still live amongst us and you could be one of them. Check the following eight signs to find out if you belong to a magical lineage.

1. Your family always had fascinating bedtime stories to tell you. This is because that’s the way they transfer information on to the young generation.

2. You share one or maybe more birthmarks with your mom or grandma. They would also tell you interesting facts about the meaning of the same.

3. Your family always has had a home grown, home cooked remedy for any health trouble at all. And they were always 100% effective.

4. Everyone in your family is very observant about the moon phases and star gazing. They have in depth knowledge about the full moon and which sign it will occur in and so on.

5. Your family has always held nature as one of your greatest treasures and priorities. You probably went on the most number of hikes than your friends.

6. And one of the most important sign is that most of your family members speak in riddles. They might give the best of advice but it is usually under lot many layers of alternative meaning.

7. Your family as a whole holds animals and all other living beings in very high regard as well. To others you might seem too sentimental towards animals, but the truth is you don’t know any other way to be because that’s what you’ve been told since childhood.

8. Your family prefers each other’s company more than any outsiders and would happily skip social occasions if they can.

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