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The Ancient System Of Chakras And Their Corresponding Colors

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by Conscious Reminder

Here, we are going to dive into the chakras and their way of connecting.

We already know that seven or more chakras are existing in our body, and we have a few points in our body which could be seen as planets or stars, some of them being primary, while some are secondary, and others are still in development.

Simply like the planets, we have primary and secondary chakras, or also chakras which are still developing.

Chakras usually develop in particular age ranges. Because of this, in our past, there has been a deep system consisting of seven phases where these chakras have been developed in one system of colors.

After that, as we are going through this process, we would experience distinct things, so they will try to iconize what we would experience just in one image.

Such images are later known as God’s pictures, the true gods that are humans or who also possess the clusters, the nuclei of power in their bodies. When they are activated or turned on, they start spinning or working together in the Siddhis’ development. However, we need to begin from the start.

We are able to see that we have the chakras placed in our body and that they can actually be seen as Keymakers – often comes from the fact that chakras have authentic geometries right inside them, and also an authentic key to unblock or unlock each one.

The seven or more chakras are placed inside of our bodies, and some are activated, others are dormant, while some will activate on the basis on our age, on herbs, or on conditioning and experience; however, when they activate, joining forces with others, can bring us into a much greater phase of consciousness.

The highest level of internalization and the realization of such powers will be in the act of meditation and also in working on the non-judgment.

Simply said, this is our awareness which says that power centers exist inside of our body and those centers have the responsibility for why we can stand up. At the moment, a field is moving around our body rapidly, and it helps us in standing up.

When we pray extensively or honor extensively, we are going to notice that our body is naturally going to start leaning or rocking. Different cultures in the world do this on purpose, so that they can make a change.

This is how chakras work when they are combined with the things we do, and this is how they are utilized. However, they are also mystical as even though they are here, we cannot see and recognize them.

But, how these chakras connect with our organs?

Our organs make sounds, and our chakras also play some specific sounds which permit them to actually do everything they have to in the processing and transitions needed in our body.

Sickness will appear when our organ no longer plays harmonic with its orchestra and starts to pull down the rest of the chorus, as it plays off tune. After that, some other organs will be forced to compensate for the lack of ability and performance of that organ.

When specific chakra fails, a particular disease will ensue. Lack of consciousness can also happen.

The connecting existing between our body’s organs, the chakras in our body, and also the tones which they play:

Humankind is the instruments itself, singing the song, or being in one orchestra together, and even when some are not in tune, we may collectively attune.

So, we are able to utilize things such as tuning forks, vibrations or tones, and mantras, in order to tune the chakras inside our bodies, just like we are going to tune some instrument.

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