Mercury Goes Retrograde On March 5th: This Is How It Will Affect Each Zodiac Sign

by Conscious Reminder

Mercury Retrograde is here again and this time it is happening on 5th March. As usual, it will be affecting our communication and will make it quite difficult. Plus, our plans might go haywire during this season.

So, during this retrograde, try to take a time-out and rest. Don’t enter into any new adventure, however tempting it might seem. Here is how the Mercury retrograde will be affecting each Zodiac sign:-


Your energy is going to go down during the Mercury Retrograde. You will be feeling quite exhausted and drawing away from many plans. So, the best thing for you is to stop making them for the time being. If you don’t have any plans from the beginning, then you won’t be breaking promises.


In this modern world, you rely a lot on devices to keep us updated and on the schedule. But this time, your devices may not come to your help too much. Rather, you will have to rely on your good friends who will be forming a complete support system for your life and help you to live in the present. Your friends will lighten your life up during this period.


Deadlines, schedules, work pressure – everything is stressing you out. You just need a time-out but you can’t – you don’t have that luxury. But stress is never going to help you. Try to go inside and channel your inner Zen to come out and envelope you completely. Carry on with your work as you will see that soon enough, it will all settle down too and come under control.


When things go bad, you have the ability to retreat into your protective shell and look at the world from a different perspective. That’s your gift. During this retrograde, you will go inside and reflect on the place you are standing at this moment. Life is going to be like a great dream for you because you will be looking to manifest your ideas and visions and transform them into reality.


You are very passionate, but the Mercury retrograde is known to make your plans go upside down. Your ambitions may come to a stop especially because of the drama that is coming your way. It’s going to be bad, but thankfully, you can get around it. You can just block off those who are trying to instigate you and move on with your life.


Retrogrades can get a bit toxic for you. While there are the usual mess-ups like an accidental text message or getting late for work, another major event that happens is an old flame coming back to your life. A former lover will text you and would want to reignite the flame. Think about what you are going to do about it.


Mercury retrograde can be a downer for most zodiac signs but for Librans, it may not actually come as a major effect. You are very focused and you like to keep yourself focused on your path towards life. The retrograde cannot be affecting you at all. But it might drop your energy level, so you can at least start taking some power naps to restore your energy. Fortunately, you are quite good at taking power naps.


For Scorpios, the past is coming back again. Your ex may come back from the darkness and hit you up for another date. It might reignite a part of your passion but don’t give in to it. Remember, this is a retrograde period and it is not the time to begin something new.


You love to travel but this retrograde period is not good for traveling. You know it and that will be making you a bit restless, but keep your wits about yourself. Sometimes, you might want to travel to a place which you cannot afford. Is that wise? Rather, why don’t you save money and go for something you can afford.


Mercury retrograde can make anyone prone to mistakes, but you are a bit of a perfectionist. Keep up with that vibe by doublechecking emails before hitting send or uploading something on the web. Don’t go about doing something terrible.


Retrograde is the time that should be spent on reviewing things, so why not focus on your finances. Reassess your finances, make a new budget, and start to come up with a great plan on your financial assets. Make it a point to do something about it.


You love to reside in your dream but Mercury is going to bring a bit of reality to you. Try to come down from your dreams and accept the challenges of the world. Assert yourself rather than keeping yourself away from difficult confrontations.

The retrograde is going to be somewhat problematic, but mercury retrogrades are common. It has happened to you before and you have been able to go through it. You will be just fine. Best of luck!

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