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Understanding The Solar Plexus Chakra In The Process Of Kundalini Awakening

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by Conscious Reminder

While you are rising up through your seven blooming chakras, with Kundalini’s bodily energy in tow, you become more conscious of spiritual union with everything. You discover that this Universe is an enormous blossoming flower, and you are its eye that opens slowly.

Conscious awareness is right upon you. Your vehicle will be Shakti, the divine feminine. You are prepared to transform, and fire is going to be your transformation’s medium.

Kundalini awakens and moves to level number three: the Solar Plexus or Manipura. This chakra has a fundamental quality, which is transformation. Its fiery aspect makes this chakra a seat of your authentic identity, where you are entirely free to show your charisma and power to the world.

In fact, this will be where your self-discipline and Will to Power or Nietzsche become manifest. Simply as fire is changing solids in liquids, and then liquids in gas, your inner fire will transform your unconscious in conscious awareness.

Solar Plexus or Manipura is your energy center which radiates vital prana, which is the total sum of energy which manifests in this universe, through your whole body.

The yellow lotus flower is the symbol of the Manipura, and it has ten fiery petals. Its location is in the region of your Solar Plexus, above your navel.

Also, it is connected with the fire element so that the Sun will be a universal symbol; however, its first planet is the planet Mars. When Manipura is directly translated, it means “The City of Jewels.”

Agni, a Hindu deity, is the main one associated with the Solar Plexus. Agni is the God of Fire, with two heads, and the first head denotes the fire’s creative aspect, while the second one denotes the destructiveness of this aspect. This god is young forever, being born and then reborn every single day in his fire’s crucible.

Rudra is the lesser deity connected with this particular chakra, whose name was translated ‘The Howler.’ This means that he is howling inside you, and turns red with a will and passion towards the higher calling.

Moreover, it is associated with movement and digestion. The emotional and metal self will also correlate, and they are found in gut feelings and intuition. When balancing this chakra, you will feel prepared to lead your life with power, authority, and dynamism.

Here, self-love will be quite significant. When balanced and in tune, your Solar Plexus chakra will put your ego-mind in check, making your big mind free to feel and engage in cosmic threads which connect and bind everything, such as boosting your self-esteem, respecting others, initiative and calmness. You will also feel friendly, confident and joyful.

If you meditate on the Solar Plexus, you will obtain the prana in order to destroy or create the world.

This means that when your Solar Plexus is overactive, it may lead to conceit, self-centeredness, and arrogance. When this happens, you risk becoming one-right-way, power-hungry and egoist.

However, when the opposite happens, when the chakra is blocker or inactive, you will have your self-esteem low, and you will feel unworthy. Your emotional state would be one of anxiety and depression.

You will be mistrusting and doubtful towards other people. Such stress may lead to a lot of physical issues: ulcers, poor digestion, diabetes, kidney or liver problems, bulimia, anorexia, and intestinal tumors as well.

Meditation for your Solar Plexus or Manipura chakra:

During this practice, you should wear something colored yellow, or envision this same color. You should meditate before a candle or a fire. While you are meditating, focus the prana on your chakra.

Visualize a chakra, colored bright yellow, spinning there, as a radiant Sun. Visualize how the internal sun nourishes your core, and baths your organs for digestion in the healing light, just like the external Sun is nourishing your skin.

You should also notice your feelings as you are the Differentiated Unity living in this greater and undifferentiated cosmos. You should feel the Universe’s benevolent power, and let it pour itself into you as a transformative control and charismatic confidence.

Let it guide you to the following level, which means to your fourth chakra, which is the Heart Chakra, or also called Anahata.

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