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Pisces New Moon & Libra Full Moon Are Bringing A Whole Lotta Changes In March

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by Conscious Reminder

Pisces New Moon Rising March 6th

On March 6th, New Moon will be coming into the water sign Pisces. The New Moon will empower our intuitive self and make us connect with our inner voice –our intuition.

We will be more spiritually charged during this period and even full of compassion. The Moon and its communion with the dreamy Pisces will strengthen our imagination too.

When the New Moon is in Pisces, you will be living in your fantasies a lot more. You can combine your imagination and fantasies to develop a masterpiece of creative work.

Creativity will be at an all-time high, so you just need to get the tools required to express yourself. Plus, being spiritual and dreamy at the same time will help you to connect with other realms.

Your empathy will also increase towards your fellow human beings and so, you will start reaching out to others when they need help.

You will work with them and will try to find a solution for them so that they no longer face the struggles that they are going through alone. You might have to help them on a personal level and they might be reluctant to receive it at first, but then, at least, you can try.

Pisces is the 12th sign or the last sign of the Zodiac. So, it brings us closer to whatever we have been through all this while. We might feel a bit detached with past events and be more able to move forward in life. We do not have anything to do with the past and the closure that Pisces brings will help us in moving forward.

The New Moon will be in conjunct with Neptune in Pisces. Neptune is referred to as the ruler of Pisces. It is dreamy and makes us empathetic and compassionate towards others. It will also strengthen our imagination.

On the other hand, the New Moon will sextile in a positive aspect, two degrees away from Mars present in Taurus. It will also sextile widely with Saturn present in Capricorn.

The two alignments are important as they provide us with the energy to ground ourselves and thus, bring us back from the dream world to reality.

One of the problems is that the New moon will take place just after the Mercury retrograde happening in Pisces. While the retrograde will not come in conjunct with the New Moon, it will end up in conjunct with the New Moon point as it concludes its stay in Pisces at 16 degrees.

This will impact the power of the New Moon but you can use its energy to put yourself in the right path. Uranus will also be moving to a new sign on the exact same day as the New Moon. So, we will be looking at a lot of new changes coming in our way. We just need to tackle the Mercury retrograde properly.

Libra Full Moon Rising March 20th

The Full Moon will be happening in Libra on March 20th. Libra rules over our relationships and it will make us focused on the people present in our lives. The Full Moon is known to make us emotional and with Libra, it is going to make us more emotional about our relationships.

We need to develop positive relationships. A bit of chaos around us can make us disoriented and indecisive. However, we should try to remain calm and try to keep our peaceful state of mind.

The Full Moon will also make us understand other people as well as look at things from their point of view. Now, it is a good thing to keep your own opinion on one side and look at things from another perspective, but don’t do it for too long.

You may be giving too much room to others and losing yourself in the process. We might even feel like there are a lot of options after the Full moon – but is it good or bad? We don’t know yet and we feel the tension.

The Full Moon will be occurring at 0o of Libra and it is a critical position. Plus, it will also occur at 0o of the point of Aries in Libra.

These positions will power up the lunar energy and help us develop connections with others. Make sure you don’t lose your individuality in the process. You should help others and work together, not losing your individuality in the process.

Try to use the energy of the moon properly and it will bring you a lot of good results. So have a happy future.

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