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Learning Life Lessons Through Karmic Relationships

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by Conscious Reminder

The so-called karmic love relationship is the romance we actually have with some member of our own “soul group,” the group which includes individuals that share underlying soul patterns with us.

They are, in fact, our close relatives on the levels of energy, and with their help, we learn a lot of lessons. However, they may also be hard times in our lives as of these particular lessons, so we have to be prepared.

Karmic relationships types and characteristics.

There are several types of these relationships which we are going to experience. In fact, those that are the most optimistic and positive, regarding how they will make us feel, will be those where we work together in order to also work through all the problems, and gain the entire wisdom available.

These are characterized by a shared sense of mission – we feel like we are learning many things from them, or that they are also learning many things from us. Such partnerships fizzle out when we internalize the wisdom which is available. We are going to see this happening as this would be the glue which holds us together.

Tumultuous, raw, and passionate is a more frequent type. In such relationships, we are going to find ourselves arguing quite a long, continually clashing in exciting, frustrating, and new ways.

Such a partner will challenge us. Our improvements will come from the criticism, and we would want to simply avoid judgment, putting great emphasis on the development of our patience.

When such relationships end, someone will always get hurt. The third important type of such relationships is the one which is going to teach us the most difficult lessons. Such relationships are always going to seem substantial, and we are going to feel like we are actually making some real progress.

However, they are also short-lived. Our Universe will conspire to keep us apart, for many different reasons. The emotional skills and self-knowledge we learn here are going to be quite more about dealing with rejection, heartbreak, and loss.

What are the purposes of a karmic relationship?

One purpose of a karmic relationship is presenting us with all those lessons we have to learn when on our spiritual journey. During our lives, we are going to experience these, gaining the wisdom which applies to us.

We are all different, so our lessons will also be different. Through this particular process, we can align our energies with our ideal, raising our vibrations while we move ahead towards enlightenment.

However, there is also another purpose. Our final karmic romantic relationship is going to be with our twin flame so that the purpose of those karmic ties which come in front of us would be preparing us for it.

In fact, the real difference between those lessons we learn with our other partners from the past, and our twin flame, would be that with our twin flame, we are better concentrated on moving ahead.

Before we actually get there, we need to deal with all those traumas, problems, and wounds from our past. Going through such partnerships, smiling through those highs, and riding out the lows, we cleanse ourselves of our past trauma, facing the obstacles which are stuck with us.

We are also going to help to do that for them, as we keep forward together with our separate and authentic spiritual journeys.

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