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Buckle Up: Mercury Goes Retrograde Today And The Energies Are Intensifying

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by Conscious Reminder

Mercury retrograde is back again. It’s going to last from 5th March to 28th March. And it’s going to take place in Pisces, the water sign. It might seem like it’s going to be a terrible period for everyone, but don’t worry.

The Mercury retrograde is just here to make you reflect and relax. It has slowed down for a moment so that you can gain a bit more clarity. And once you gain that clarity, you will be ready to face whatever life brings you once Mercury goes direct again after the retrograde.

So, while we have time and Mercury’s speed is slower, let’s reflect on our habits, environments, thought patterns, etc. Let’s clear our mind and find out what could be hindering our progress in front of us.

The retrograde will be affecting three areas of our lives. But we can use the energy to rejuvenate, reorganize, and reassess the energies in these areas. Let’s find out more on how to use the retrograde to rejuvenate these areas:


As the retrograde is taking place in the emotional Pisces, it will clear out any kind of emotional baggage that we might be carrying with us. Positivity will become a part of us and now we will be able to take more responsibility for our emotional selves.

Mercury rules over our communication, so you can understand that with more clarity in our emotions, we will be better with our communicating powers. Ask yourself: Did you communicate properly? What went wrong, if something happened? T

ry to use the energy of Mercury to bring out the insecurities that you have. Are you trying to brag more and not allowing your partner to speak their mind? Try to correct your communication during this time.


When we are in our workplace, it is important that we build a positive relationship with one another. So, the question is, are we approaching our workplace with the same kind of positive energy?

Mercury retrograde will help you reflect and bring out the friction that you experience in certain areas, especially related to your workplace. Are you facing problems with your co-workers? Have your emotions interfered with your work and resulted in problems in your workplace?

This retrograde could be a great time to rebuild the connection with your work. Find out new ways and methods that you can put in your work and emotional self so that you can develop a balance between the two. Release all negative emotions right now. It will help you immensely.


For health, you need to check on all your routines and see what is working and what isn’t? Are you in a kind of a diet which is not beneficial for you in any way? Also, take into account how your emotions may be contributing to your diet and health.

Cleanse yourself, go for a detox. It will help your energy to be replenished. As for food, go through your health goals again and think of what might be best for your body. Are you using everything optimally?

Are you reaching your weekly goals? If not, change your diet and start preparing a new grocery list. Make the meal that will help you during this season. Finally, you have to take some rest. Sometimes, just zone out of the stressful world.

Call a friend and go out to a spa. Maybe you could also go for a walk out in nature. Watch a good movie. And if you are a reader, just pick up an inspiring book and read it slowly. Let art and movies enrich you because that is how Pisces works.

The sun has been in Pisces from 20th February and it will remain there till 20th March. So, it might be an emotional time. Meditate, engage in slow breathing, and think before you speak. Balance yourself. Then your health will be great.

Don’t be afraid of the Mercury retrograde. Be enriched by it.

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