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New Moon Rising In The Watery Pisces On March 6th: Combining The Spiritual & Material

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by Conscious Reminder

On the 6th of March, we are going to be witnesses of the New Moon falling in the sign of Pisces.

This will be the moon from transcendental realms. In fact, it holds some promises of rebirth. It even has the quality of joining together the material with the spiritual. This moon will manifest dreams.

New Moons always represent new beginnings – beginnings or also new happenings, which can be for the better or for, the worse, which depends on when they happen or how they are activating people’s natal charts.

When this New Moon happens in Pisces, it will mark an entirely new cycle which is characterized by the sensitivity that Pisces has.

It will be with inspiration, creativity, intuition, and compassion that people’s individual spirit, the Sun, will be manifested under the influence of Pisces on their subconscious, and psyche, the Moon.

This New Moon will intensify the motifs of Pisces twice, as these two lights will actually be conjunct Neptune, which is a planet that rules Pisces.

This is the aspect which when examined alone, could actually mean heightened compassion, awareness, and spirituality of the vibes which are most subtle.

However, when it comes to the negative expressions, it may mean among other things, not having enough will, and unclear intentions and emotions. Moreover, it may mean harboring some unrealistic expectations, lessened vitality or subdued will.

Furthermore, like the planet, Jupiter will also be present in this particular lunation, as it makes the square aspect with the planet Neptune, risks of living in a fantasy, over-idealizing, or being over-optimistic will also be heightened. However, astrology isn’t only an aspect. The chart should be seen as the energy grid.

These two lights, together with Neptune, make the sextile aspects towards the planet Mars and also Saturn, which are two planets which are in trine aspect themselves.

The formation is named the Small Talent Triangle, channeling positive energies of this trine aspect to a focus point, which is the Pisces New Moon conjunct to the planet Neptune.

The aspect formation’s key is that with the use of the energy of the trine of Mars and Saturn, we may exploit all the opportunities which are presented by these two sextiles.

The trine of these planets is helpful with disciplined actions. It will make us able to set our goals. These two planets are in two different earth signs.

The New Moon will be a good one as it will allow us to conceptualize and dream. It will inspire us, and all the intentions which we will set during that period will not just stay fantasies.

This trine of the planets Mars and Saturn are going to motivate us to take the New Moon’s inspiration in order to make our reality of our dreams.

The New Moon is not going to permit indecisiveness and wobbling, scattering or dreamy escapism of our own energy. Instead, it is going to fill our imagination, then make us more creative, or fill us with some compassion. It will combine practical and ethereal.

However, the timing of the New Moon is delicate too. It is going to happen simultaneously with the transit of the planet Uranus, which is one of the awakenings, into Taurus, which is a sensual and practical Zodiac sign.

So, under the Pisces New Moon, the rejuvenating wind of Uranus is going to mark new senses of self-esteem and security.

The New Moon even possesses some healing qualities. Mercury, which is also in the New Moon’s chart, is making an astrological U-turn and starting its retrograde motion from the sign of Pisces, and then conjuncts Chiron, which is in Aries.

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