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Intense 24 Hours Ahead: Avoid Starting Anything New

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My dear ones, we are entering a period of intense 24 hours, heralded by some very intense and powerful celestial movements.

First in line, somewhere around midday today ET, Mercury starts backspinning at the last degree of Pisces. It makes an astrological U-turn, to meet again with Neptune at the beginning of April.

Then, in the early morning of the next day, at around 3:30 ET, Uranus enters Taurus!

Around 13 hours later, deep in the afternoon of March 6th, a powerful New Moon is taking place in Pisces and it’s making a conjunction with Neptune.

Nothing is accidental. There are no coincidences. New moons are usually a good period for starting new business and relationships or taking on new projects. However, I wouldn’t suggest you make any impromptu decisions.

As a matter of fact, don’t start anything new during the month of March.

We are walking in mud. The universe is emitting huge quantities of “water and dirt (earth)”.

The more we are stepping in mud, instead of it drying out, the water will create even more mud.

Be careful with words, traffic, and your own mind and thoughts.

The New Moon will plant a new seed regarding the question of how integrated we are.

If you start new things, ideas, the mud will will only be deeper.
Stay on the path you are on.
Do not change course. Big waves are coming.

Also, feelings of fatigue, unworthiness, and depression are possible.

In addition, many cycles, karmic or not, will be completed these days,  in order to open up space for new portals after the huge in significance New Moon taking place at 6° Pisces.

Also, it is the last day for Uranus in Aries. From tomorrow on, Uranus won’t return to Aries for 84 years.

The emotions today and tomorrow are tumultuous, the surprises are even bigger and more erratic. Think, keep your eyes open 24/7. It’s kind of a PMS period for both women and men.

Madness will be on the rise, yet we will be reflecting on behalf of the future. We have opportunities, we have understanding, we have solutions.

Although some of us are disconnected from this present darj Lunation in Aquarius from all karmic relationships and sufferings and are preparing for the new.

Don’t feel down. The most important thing is to keep your eyes wide open, watch out for traffic, do not fly if you do not have to, breathe!

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