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Twin Flame Physical Changes – Changing Eye Colors

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by Conscious Reminder

Meeting our twin flames and also going on journeys of 5D ascension with them may have several physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental effects.

It can be the experience that will change our lives, probably the most powerful one we can ever manage to experience. However, a lot of us probably don’t know that the twin flames are able to change the eye color of one another.

Here, we are going to talk more about the connection between the twin flames and the color of their eyes.

Eye similarities in twin flames.

Actually, it is a well-known fact that the twin flames usually share a lot of physical features. One of the most common features which they share is similar eyes. Interestingly, twin flames will rarely have identical eye color at the beginning of their meeting.

Well, similarities in their physical appearances are down to close soul relation. In fact, we may see that when we look at some members of our soul group. Actually, most of the members of the group are our twin flames or soulmates.

This means that they are all going to share some similar physical characteristics with even closer relations which appear more similar. However, the color of their eyes is not one of those characteristics.

The shared soul of twin flames.

We all know that twins are actually born from one soul. We can say that they are the mirror expressions of one soul, and from there the part “twin” in twin flames comes from.

From this also come their physical similarities. However, eye color is not the same. We have all heard about our eyes being the windows of our soul, so, with their help, we are able to see the true self of one person.

When this soul has been created, together with the twin flame too, we choose the different eye colors as the shared energy of the soul is expressed in a different way in each other. In this way, we can explain why the color of our eyes is not in our physical similarities.

However, this is not the story’s end.

Changes in the eye color of twin flames.

One interesting phenomenon which many people do not know is the one related to eye color and twin flames. While our twin flame journey is progressing and we are approaching 5D ascension, we are going to undergo several dramatic changes.

In fact, most of those changes are going to be spiritual, mental and emotional. However, some of them will even be physical.

One of the most significant and noticeable physical change will be eye color. We may start noticing changes in the color of our eyes occurring step by step throughout our relationship with our twin flame. Also, in particular examples of this, the eye color changed very quickly.

Frequently, one twin flame is going to experience more changes in his or her eye color than his or her partner, moving towards a shared color of their eyes.

This is going to be like one of us will be the leader in the relationship, while the other one is going to move towards the eye color of our partner and vice versa. There are examples when only one of the eye colors of the twin flames is going to change.

According to some people, this is a sign that our relationship is not equal. However, the change in the eye color of us or our twin flame will happen if we have the most influential empathic powers. Usually, there is a shared middle ground.

The connection between eye color and twin flames is actually fascinating. However, we can be sure of one – there is no relationship which will have more powerful impacts on people like the twin flame one can have.

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