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11 Signs That Tell You A Person Comes From A Fairy Bloodline

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Here are 11 characteristic signs that tell you if a person is a changeling or not:

1. The way they look at you is captivating and mesmerizing. It will be a deep and penetrative gaze; one that goes straight to the depths of your soul and finds all your secrets there. In some way it makes you feel vulnerable and subservient.

2. Regardless of your sexuality you will be blown away by their charisma and vibe. You will feel the need to serve and take care of them in whatever way you can.

3. They are always at a slightly lower temperature. This is because fairies live in moors and lake isles according to Irish myths; this makes them better suited to a damper atmosphere, which is slightly colder.

4. They sleep on a basis of need. Sometimes they will sleep for days on end, making up for it by not sleeping at all for days on end. This might give others the impression that they are unwell.

5. They never quite fit in. And they aren’t really meant to.

6. These people are right at home with plants and animals. Charlotte Mew’s poem the farmer’s brideis about one such girl, who was happy and at home speaking to animals but not to real people.

7. They tend to have imaginary friends which gives others the impression that they hear voices.

8. Normal conventional education does not interest them. Vocational training does them no good. On the other hand, what interests them is divining and astrology along with metaphysics, spirituality and intuitive arts like conjuring. They also have a very deep affinity with the spirit world and often make good mediums.

9. Ever heard a static sound from a radio? That’s what they feel all the time. A constant ringing in the ears. This is because their ears and bodies are not attuned to the human world.

10. They are empathetic and often have healing capacities.

11. They are naturally more sensitive to almost all kinds of external stimuli: electrical, magnetic, sonic, spiritual etc.

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