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This Is How The Pink Full Moon On April 19th Will Affect Each Zodiac Sign

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On the 19th of April, there is going to be a Libra Full Moon, meaning that the things will get quite weird.

During the Full Moon in the sign of Libra, we may all experience the need for action, excitement, or change, or also more impulsive feelings and thoughts.

Here, we will explain what this Full Moon will mean for each sign of the Zodiac:


During the Full Moon, freedom and unexpected change will be up in the zone of the people born under Aries. Their needs for answers could make the things quite sticky, but existing for the following season of their life, and enjoying every moment is going to give them more satisfaction than they expected.


The restlessness of the people born under this sign could reach the highest level. They could enter the following phase of their lives just if they find out some healthy ways in which they will deal with anxiety and nervous tension. They have to remember that true growth will happen when they focus on their inner lives.


The people born under Gemini really hate it when someone tells them what they should do; however, they should know that authority is life’s inflexible part. The upcoming Full Moon will help them realize that there will be times when they will need to eat shit and simply go with it.


The impulsive reactions will not always serve the highest good of the people born under this sign. Their empathy and compassion make it difficult for them to say everything they would like to when they do not want to be offensive. They should be more direct, and also engage in supportive talks with themselves.


The newly found need for independence is going to rear the head of Leos during this Libra Full Moon. Regardless of the fact if they are in a romantic relationship, single, or somewhere in between, they should listen to the tiny voice which tells them they can actually do everything alone.


Feeling hungry for affection and love is something always present in the lives of Virgos, but during the Full Moon, that is only going to increase. They should ensure they are balanced, by simply reflecting on their current relationships. Being hungry for such things is OK.


Reconciling ourselves to the actions we take without pretense and excuse is among the most difficult things in life. It is a phenomenon from psychology with which we judge ourselves by our intentions, but we judge others by the actions. The people born under this sign should ask themselves whether their intentions and actions are fully aligned, and readjust them as needed during the Full Moon.


The people born under the sign of Scorpio should ensure that the Full Moon will help them realize the difference that exists between self-care and self-medicating. Such difference could be a thread made of silk. They could invest in their future happiness if they identify unhealthy mechanisms for coping.


During this lunation, the people born under Sagittarius should fine-tune their intentions and pat from the New Moon which happened before the Full Moon. Everything is connected. History will repeat itself unless they make an effort to prevent it.


During the Libra Full Moon, unresolved problems could boil up for Capricorns. When this is going to happen, they will have two choices: to deal with those problems, or let them go. They should resolve every challenge as best as they can, and release everything else.


The Full Moon that comes has the heads of Aquarians overloaded with poetry, and their hearts overloaded with songs. They should follow inspiration and don’t feel the necessity that they should finish a project. They should remember that they should not finish everything, particularly their creativity and also their authentic perspective of the world.


The people born under this sign should know that transformation is not something easy all the time. Also, with the stress that this lunation causes, the transformation will probably reach its highest level. Although it may be dumb and gross, it would be worth it. They should remember to do everything they need in order to survive.

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