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7 Tips To Make Your Relationship With A Sarcastic Person Work

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by Conscious Reminder

Sarcastic people are of two kinds. The first type is truly sarcastic people who consider sarcasm their own way of living, while the second is people who use sarcasm as a mechanism for defense.

They consider it a way of standing their ground and keeping their privacy. They assume the sarcastic personality just when they feel the need to – when they argue with a friend or partner, on their workplace, or on the crowded metro.

They are also aware of the sarcasm they show in one moment, having the ability to measure it quite well. Sarcastic individuals are also very charming. One reason for that could be a strange sense of humor.

Here are the seven tips for a smooth and beautiful relationship with a partner who is sarcastically-minded:

1. We should go past their sarcastic defenses.

Sarcastic people don’t want others to hurt them. Beneath the strong, sarcastic shield, they have a sensitive and soft heart. In order to reach that sensitive side, we have to overcome several layers of harsh irony. They react with harsh remarks to everything that is not alright. They never hold their emotions back. They say what makes them angry and keep moving forward.

2. Sarcastic people are rarely serious.

Everything that sarcastic people say always looks like they are only kidding. Sometimes, they can be deadly serious, so we have actually to sense when they should take seriously everything they said.

3. We should watch our tongue around sarcastic people.

Sarcastic people have a low bullshit tolerance. If we are in a relationship with a partner who is sarcastic, we should be cautious about what we say when we are around him or her. Their radar intercepts and detects stupid remarks or silly questions. And, an angry response with irony will definitely follow after that.

4. Sarcastic brains are on steroids all the time.

Nimble-mindedness is the most specific characteristic of sarcastic individuals. When talking about ironic jabs or witty remarks, it looks like their brains are on steroids all the time. Sometimes they can “go too far,” meaning we have to be prepared for certain awkward moments if we are in a relationship with a sarcastic person. There are people who cannot tolerate sarcasm. Hence, sarcastic people are usually mistaken for assholes and jerks and misunderstood as well.

5. Dating a sarcastic person will make us one too.

When we involve emotionally with a sarcastic person, we will gradually understand everything about reading them right. It is something inevitable. When our relationship with such a person lasts longer, we will become more skilled in avoiding their irony meant for us. And, if we decide to spend our life with such a person, we will become sarcastic too.

6. When our sarcastic partner teases us harder, it means he or she is more into us.

Sometimes, it would be hard to understand if our sarcastic partner likes us at all because he or she continually crack witty jokes and irony at us. However, the truth is that if we are always their target when it comes to witty comments or remark, things are definitely going as they should. When sarcastic people pick up on their partners harder, it means that they are more emotionally related to that person.

7. Sarcastic people rarely pay compliments; however, when they actually do, it has excellent meanings.

If we haven’t received any compliments from our sarcastic partner, we should not worry, because they seldom compliment others until they are sarcastic of course. This is why when they seriously compliment someone, those moments are so special. Just one simple compliment from our sarcastic partners could reveal that we are the most important ones for them. 

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