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Going Up In Vibration: Remaining Grounded

by consciousreminder
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by Inga Nielsen,
contributing author, Conscious Reminder

Going up in vibration is part of the process of spiritual evolution. However, when our vibrational frequency rises, we also experience a transformation in our relationship to the physical reality. It is at this stage that we may encounter the challenge of wanting to disengage from the physical reality.

We may start seeing physicality as that annoying 3D that we need to transcend, escape, and ascend up from as soon as possible. At a certain level, this is true. But if we do not stay balanced, this approach is fraught with dangers, which I would like to address.

It is helpful to think about dimensions as layers, rather than separate planes of existence. Each one of us has an aspect of our soul present in every layer. We don’t go up a ladder as much as integrate multidimensionality into our being. When our vibration goes up, our awareness of the higher layers becomes clearer, and we start integrating our consciousness across dimensions.

One of the initial signs of fifth-dimensional awareness is the incessant hunger for information, for truth, for more and more learning. We may start looking for alternative news, devour books and articles, attend courses and workshops, study with a multitude of teachers, or browse the internet to satisfy this powerful drive. We want to gather more and more knowledge.

This reflects the nature of fifth-dimensional reality, which is a realm of information, outside the boundaries of time and space.

The caveat, however, is that knowledge and wisdom are not the same thing. Since we are still in the body, in the very physical world of action and choices, the pursuit of knowledge may quickly turn into an empty distraction. We may forever be learning something new, yet never actually get to better our physical circumstances.

The challenge at this level of awareness is that the physical world can be experienced as increasingly uncomfortable, dense, slow-moving. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to change and transform physical matter — as opposed to shifting energy at the level of Spirit.

This increasing tension between our 3D life and our growing awareness of higher-dimensional reality can become a trap that may keep us stuck in poverty, instability and spiritual bypass for a very long time. If we don’t embrace this growing discomfort, all higher-level realizations risk remaining fruitless.

The truth is, only in the body are we able to fully experience individuation. Only in the 3D do we get to fully live separation, physically delineated by the limits of our body. We experience separation into genders, ethnicities, languages and cultures (which some of us may find very confusing!).

But we also get to create, to make our own choices and experience their consequences. The Divine expresses itself through us, while we retain our distinct personality. In higher dimensions, where time and space cease to exist, this level of individuation is simply not possible.

This is a powerful paradox. Only in the illusion of separation from the Creator do we get to experience ourselves as co-creators of reality.

But it is not enough to just think or wish for things to happen. In the same way, a spiritual experience (feeling) is not the same as spiritual transformation (action). Merely being able to connect to Spirit does not exempt us from working on ourselves. The lesson of the 3D, repeated over and over again, is that we have to choose, and to act.

Going up in vibration and expanding our consciousness means connecting to who we are at the soul level. But for many of us, when this happens, our physical circumstances are dramatically out of alignment with who we are at the soul level. And because shifting things in the physicality takes time and perseverance, we are in danger of wanting to do whatever it takes to make us feel “good”.

Sometimes it’s the innocent “avoiding negativity” at all costs, spiritual bypassing where we refuse to deal with our issues, but some of us may also turn to substance abuse for that “feel-good” factor.

The truth is, without engaging in our physicality, without making choices and persevering in them, we neglect a huge part of our souls. Experiencing the 3D is the whole reason we incarnated, and this physical part of us is just as important as the higher-dimensional aspects of our being.

The more all of those aspects align across dimensions, the more effectively we are able to manifest true prosperity, while living our spiritual purpose. And the only way to align our physicality to our soul is to take steps, make choices, and take action.

About the Author: Inga Nielsen, MPhil, is a mystic, a learner, and a professional intuitive, who has explored spiritual beliefs and practices from around the world. Having worked with different energy healing modalities, her work is now centered on healing in the Akashic Records and helping her clients live from their soul, facilitating their individual ascension process.

Inga can also be contacted for a detailed map of your soul’s vibrational frequency and alignment across dimensions. More information about Inga and the services she offers can be found on her website healing-radiance.com, or Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/inga.healing.radiance/.

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