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Let The Spiritual Energies In By Detoxifying Your Body

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by Conscious Reminder

Before we know what detoxification means and is, we have to know the toxins which we have to detox.

We consume potential toxins every day, we breathe them in our hearts, or track them in our lives and homes, without being aware of the place they will go or the damage they will cause.

If we could have the ability to see what is inside our body, we will find heavy metals, fire-retardant chemicals, plastic particles, pesticides, and a lot of other toxic things of modern living.

Detoxification represents removing of different toxic substances present in our bodies. Our bodies need detoxification to permit all the spiritual energies and powers to enter and guide us towards releasing of blocked and trapped energy emotions, thoughts, beliefs. Detoxification means cleansing on every level – mind, body, and soul.

Together with our spiritual practices, detoxification will show some positive results. It is really essential to practice detoxification regularly so that we will be in balance with ourselves and nature.

An interesting fact related to detoxification is actually that the programs for detoxification are an integral part of the various addiction treatment options.

In fact, there is natural detox which supports the elimination and cleansing capacity of our bodies, such as:

Drinking high amounts of water

Drinking high amounts of water is going to remove the toxins from our bodies, usually in the form of urine and sweat. In order to cleanse our nasal cavities, we should drink hot water.

Sweat or steam bath

The reason why humans utilized sweat or stream baths for health and hygienic purposes for centuries ago. It is because sweating proved to be effective in flushing toxins or disease out, and also maintaining optimal mental and physical health. Our skin is the largest organ of our body, and it eliminates waste by perspiration. Releasing toxins from our body through our skin, by perspiration, the load in our liver and kidneys will be removed, meaning that the people with impaired kidney or liver function could securely use detoxification in this way.

Detox bath

We can use detox bath in order to refresh our body’s core area during ten or more minutes a day, depending on our initial condition, or the results we want to achieve. The detox bath process will create vibrations in our fascia, setting in motion which transports the deposited toxins and leftover fats of digestion back to our intestines, in that way eliminating them.

Salt water flush

The salt water flush actually does an inexpensive and superior job when it comes to detoxifying our colon. We should dissolve two level teaspoons of salt into a quart of warm water. We should drink it right when we wake up before we eat. Then, we should massage our abdomen for some time and stand close to the washroom. We should consider this salt water flush the bath for our inside, where it will draw toxins out, present in our whole digestive tract.


In fact, in a dietary sense, the process of fasting is complete abstinence from every substance except water. Juice fasting, which is the popular variation of fasting, is the abstinence from every drink and food except fresh fruit and vegetable juices, and water. However, the modified fast actually includes some smaller solid food amounts, often raw fruits and steamed or raw vegetables.

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