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Beer, Swearing And Inner Peace: Rage Yoga Brings It All Together

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Practitioners of traditional Yoga value peace and tranquility to the fullest. Through cultivated postures and unhurried movements, it integrates their mind, body and soul. It achieves undisturbed calmness of mind and blossoms the divinity within you.

But as we live in invigorating times, we would like to take a little more extreme route to force all your negativity out of the system. Rage Yoga is just perfect for that.

Ashley Duzich is the creator of this form of extreme yoga and says that when people feel the need to loosen up and just let off steam, it’s Rage Yoga that they can turn to.

Like yoga, this variation also has elements of controlled breathing, mudras, stretching, yoga postures plus a load of bad humor.

Yoga means union, and Rage Yoga is also about union with the self but with a twist. Instead of the serenity of traditional yoga with every sense and posture, controlled to perfection, here it is about letting out steam in violent bursts. It is a class where you are encouraged to swear. It is dangerous to bottle up emotion like that.

And how does Rage Yoga look like in real life? Duzich says it is letting out anything that’s bothering you. Shouting, swearing and a mug of beer, everything that seems like an anathema in traditional yoga is very much a part of the routine here.

According to Duzich, it gives you a safe space where you can let off your frustration in a healthy way. And a mug of chilled beer cools things off a bit after all that rage.

It is akin to letting it loose on a punching bag and swearing at the same time. Rage Yoga is a lot about attitude than just a practice.

There is a lot of novelty when it comes to the words that come screaming out. There are novel lines like “I told you to complete take care of the dishes!” The students are encouraged to yell and let out their rage and tension that they have locked up inside. And after that effort, a pint of chilled beer – like some amazing bar scene.

Letting go gives you the freedom and that is the only condition for real happiness. If we keep it pent up inside, we can never be free. As long as you let it flow, there is not much wrong with it.

Plus, don’t think these yoga instructors are a joke. They have undergone yoga training and as obtained their certificates with at least, 200 hours of yoga instructor times under their belt.

Traditional yoga classes are there all across America. But if anybody wants to combine it with a bit of catharsis and wants to yell “Namaste, sh*theads”, then Rage Yoga is just the thing for you. Just don’t bring your kids along!

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