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The Power Of The Cosmos: Manifest Your Abundance With Some Planetary Help

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by Conscious Reminder

All cultures have since the beginning of time looked up at the planets and the stars and wondered at what mysterious powers they hold in them.

Moreover the strange phenomena of tides: water from the Earth’s surface being pulled upwards considerably by the force of the moon, too has fascinated men over the years.

As a result practitioners of magic, white and black have continually had planetary associations.

And not only them, major religions like Hinduism actually worship personifications of planets, stars, the moon and comets.

Western practitioners of magic have more than often devoted their lives to the study of planetary energy and magic.

It’s a purer form of spiritual energy which manifests in humans and enhances their ability on performing certain rites.

These strange rituals were obviously occult to the laymen and as a result during mediaeval times, such conjurers and “wizards” were executed by the hundreds.

In the modern day however, with no such possibility of unfair punishment, this form of energy and its extraction can be safely studied and practised.

For example, the Sun with its boom of positive light, is the banisher of negative vibrations and energies.

The Moon, is known to be especially potent for females owing to its deep connection with their menstrual cycles.

Mars brings more passion, Venus more romance and Mercury, being the speedy messenger of the gods, facilitates things and gets the wheels running.

Every planet has a day sacred to and specific stones/crystals that can help harness its power.

Here’s a comprehensive chart for you to help you arrange your energy altar:

  • Monday – Moon – white or silver candle – Moonstone – sandalwood
  • Tuesday – Mars – red candle – Ruby or Garnet – nettle herb or ginger
  • Wednesday – Mercury – yellow candle – Agate – caraway herb
  • Thursday – Jupiter – blue or purple candle – Sapphire – sage herb
  • Friday – Venus – green or pink candle – Turquoise – Rose or Jasmine flowers
  • Saturday – Saturn – black candle – Onyx – Comfrey herb
  • Sunday – The Sun – gold candle – Amber or Topaz – Marigold flowers

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