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Expect These 5 Reactions When You Outsmart A Narcissist

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by Conscious Reminder

There are many helpful things online which can be useful in identifying narcissistic individuals. Such things will provide us with the signs we should pay attention to, and guide us on how we can avoid such people.

Many online articles tell us how we can deal with narcissistic people, but just a small number of them talk about the things that happen when we are dealing with such people.

Although there are usually overlapping behaviors, two narcissists will never be completely the same. However, when we finally start seeing through the bad behaviors and manipulations of narcissists and win the battle, they will start following a path which will lead them to shape up or shipping out.

Here are the five things which will happen when we outsmart narcissists:

They will double down.

In fact, the main purpose of the manipulations of narcissists is to actually get us acting and thinking in ways which will be beneficial for them and also for their needs, without us consciously realizing that. However, when we finally break their spells and start outsmarting them, they will usually double down their manipulations, as they think that they have to try much harder. This will be the most challenging part when we deal with narcissists. The things are going to worsen before they become better.

They will act nicer.

When a narcissist realizes that doubling his or her manipulations will not change the final result, they will drop those manipulations. Sometimes, these two steps are the only ones included. Those people that misbehaved may improve for better, but there are times when this second step will not be the final one. The niceness which he or she shows is going to be a manipulation, trying to let us guard down. When we are down, he or she will slowly start reintroducing his or her usual manipulations. However, we should not give up on outsmarting him or her.

They will try enlisting help.

When narcissistic people realize that they fight in vain, they will try enlisting other people’s help. They are going to try to contact their close friends, family members, or colleagues and express their upset and worry at how we treat them. Although we may find it hard to turn our back on those people they enlisted, it would be for our best. In fact, if those people are close to us, they are going to understand why we treated the narcissists like that.

They will start imploding.

Their implosion will be one of the last phases of outsmarting narcissistic people. They are going to pull out every stop, and they may even double down once again. However, they will become aware of the fact that their manipulations are no longer working. This could be a really dangerous period too. Narcissists who are using abuse as their means of manipulation could become more abusive and erratic than ever before. We should not feel ashamed if we run or seek help and shelter if we are with someone abusive.

They will ship out or shape up. 

Narcissists manipulate us like that to get us to act and think in ways which are beneficial for them. When they finally accept that we are no longer going to live like that, they will need to make a choice. They will have to ship out or shape up. They will need to decide if they would like to keep being in our lives or move ahead to their following victim. Regardless of what happens, we already made our decision.

We are living our lives for ourselves, not for narcissists in this world.

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