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You Should Always Come First And This Is Why

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by Conscious Reminder

There are a lot of reasons why we should make ourselves our priority in our lives.

For instance, our relationship can decline, and our favorite job can change, leaving us in a completely new position, and surrounded by others, or forced to find another job. Our friends could also look at their priorities which will take them a bit away from our friendship.

So, why we have to be our priority number one and focus on ourselves more?

It is essential to focus only on ourselves before we can even focus on other people. We will always have us when we fall back if we focus only on ourselves. It will always be best to ensure that we are caring for ourselves first. Stressful days often require serious and strong self-love.

Here is how we can turn ourselves into our number one priority and why we have to do that:

Try hard to live our lives in the now.

Living our lives in the now means that we may make the best of everything which is happening in our lives at the moment, such as our friends, family, work and health. We are going to feel healthier, more productive, or we will even enjoy even moment if we can engage in and focus on every moment. We will even find it easier when it comes to dealing with setbacks or forgiving ourselves.

Seek out our role model.

Although us being our priority number one looks like it is going to be some kind of our solo venture, we should know that it does not always need to be us and only us. Getting a mentor or role model will motivate us to focus only on ourselves. Our role model may expand our mind and even make us see everything from an entirely new perspective.

Decide what our limits are.

To know ourselves means to determine what our limits are or what our deal-breakers are going to be. This is going to make it quite easier also to determine who we should or shouldn’t let into our lives. This is not only about romantic relationships, however. We would be satisfied when we know our boundaries in other kinds of relationships, such as work relationships or friendships. 

Understand what we want from our relationships.

When we know what we want from our partner before we find him or her will be an excellent way of ending up in a relationship which will be completely right for us. Relationship’s beginnings can be super exciting; however, forgetting about what is most important – us – can be easy. Figuring out our goals is going to make it quite easier for us to better focus on our happiness and health, even when we are with a fantastic partner.

Limit our self-criticism.

When we are our priority number one, limiting how hard we are on ourselves will be an excellent idea. The point actually is to understand our weak points, so that we can improve on such points without putting ourselves down. We have to know that every change we make will take the needed time or that falling sometimes doesn’t make us a failure all the time.

Find some ways of stoking our spiritual side.

A lot of people in the world feel quite better when, in fact, they are indulging their religious or spiritual sides from one time to another. This means many things so that the kind of spirituality we choose is going to be based on our needs, preferences, and beliefs. We may even commit to everyday meditation or yoga practice, or journal our innermost thoughts.

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