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Most Common Traits Of Arcturian Starseeds

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by Conscious Reminder

The Arcturian starseeds share several traits with the Arcturian beings although they are actually incarnated on our planet.

Arcturus is the star which is located in a constellation called Bootes. Arcturus is said to be quite an old system of stars. Being such, the Arcturians, which are one race of beings that come from this particular star system, are considered quite old too. They embody knowledge, teaching, and wisdom. They also enjoy transferring lessons and information.

The Arcturian starseeds had incarnations in recent times in worlds which are connected with Arcturus, the star from Bootes, and usually share various skills and traits of Arcturians.

Here are the most common traits which are frequently associated with Arcturian starseeds:

  • They usually have a lower temperature of their bodies and blood pressure;
  • They are often drawn to some fundamental sciences, such as quantum physics;
  • They feel like they are a “black sheep” in the family;
  • They are drawn to ley lines, sacred geometry, and ancient civilizations;
  • Many of them are interested in designing, planning, and building their future on the planet Earth – perhaps through developing some new society living models;
  • They are drawn to astronomy, aliens, and the sky at night in general;
  • They are quite sensitive to lights, sounds, chemicals, smells, and so on;
  • They do not understand the social hierarchy;
  • They can have synesthesia;
  • They are extremely empathic;
  • They are drawn to metaphysics and the paranormal;
  • They have strong memories;
  • They may see colorful geometric patterns with their eyes closed;
  • They hold their own opinions strongly;
  • They prefer asking deep and philosophical questions;
  • They are excellent at organizing, building, and planning;
  • They may be talented mathematicians, musicians or scientists;
  • They are interested in science, mathematics, and advanced technology.

Arcturian beings and their traits

The Arcturian beings are mostly focused on ushering in the “new future” on our planet when it comes to technology, and community living, which is focused mainly on sustainability and balance. They help our planet, being its spirit guides, or by incarnating here on it as starseeds.

The spirit guides are actually operating on spiritual levels, connecting with a lot of individuals on our planet. The Arcturian starseeds are operating on physical levels, and are usually acting as the teachers. But, they are also quite physically active in their purposes on our planet – working in research, science, city planning, architecture, and so on.

These beings communicate claircognizantly or telepathically with people. They love transmitting information in geometric patterns, colors, or even sounds. Then, the frequencies that these sounds, shapes, and colors have could hold information or lessons which are connected to our Universe’s structure and every law which governs it. They even embody energy frequencies which are associated with our Throat Chakra. They help us align with our true selves and even find our true voices, spreading the truth of our Universe.

The Arcturian starseeds represent the earthly embodiments of the Arcturian beings. 

These starseeds are actually born with different degrees of Arcturian energy or also karma, which is well-integrated. Some starseeds even have quite poorly integrated karma or well-integrated energy. When the energy or karma is quite well-integrated, it means that the ego will accept the energy, permitting its unique expression without guilt or shame.

When karma isn’t well-integrated, the ego is not going to accept this energy, feeling guilt and shame if the energy is finally expressed.

Characteristics of the Arcturian starseeds when they have poorly integrated karma:

  • They feel alone or disconnected from their collective consciousness. In fact, they feel like some communication or intellectual disconnection prevents them from making connections with others;
  • They find it hard to connect to their collective consciousness, which means that they are not quite empathic or intuitive;
  • They are supporters of capitalism, even if it destroys the environment and poor communities.

Characteristics of the Arcturian starseeds when they have well-integrated karma:

  • They are probably quite empathic and well-connected to their collective consciousness. In fact, they have a strong intuition, providing them with the ability to feel the emotions of other people;
  • They are going to feel a connection to their collective consciousness or others. They will even feel that they can connect with others in meaningful ways;
  • They are supporters of industries which support renewable energy, sustainable footprint, and fair trade.

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