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The Brutal Truth About Why A Lot Of Men Are Afraid Of Strong & Confident Women

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

When thinking about the strongest and most potent woman that we know in our lives, we usually think about every single thing that she had to survive in order to get right where she is at the moment.

Most of the time, a strong woman will face the most significant challenges, particularly in relationships.

A powerful and classy woman has traditionally been considered as lonely, frigid, and forever-single workaholic that has great difficulties when it comes to holding onto a man.

Such inaccurate “Ice Queens” tropes fail to underscore every actual reason about why a powerful woman has difficulties in relationships.

In fact, those same unique, beautiful, and formidable qualities which attract a man and set a classy woman apart are the traits which late frighten such potential partners.

For example, the independence and resiliency which the most passionate and goal-oriented woman will exhibit are unbelievably attractive to her suitors. Such traits will signal self-governance, which says to a man, “Although you are fun, and I value your company, I do not need you.”

Such an attitude will be quite a fertile catalyst, especially for that classic “chase” as it puts the woman, at least into the emotional sense, out of reach for him. She becomes the challenge which he desires to overcome, while his pursuit also becomes quite an interesting game of the cat chasing the mouse.

But, when the cat catches the mouse, another challenge will suddenly arise, and the man will become threatened by the independence of the woman.

When he finally has her, it could be unbelievably hard for him when it comes to accepting that she will not compromise her “life agenda” in any case for him.

Even though a man can be supportive, flexible, and without being threatened by her power, many will feel the necessity to leave right after it challenges them.

The strength and classiness of the woman will radiate, even encouraging the man to make positive life changes. But, at one point or another, he may realize that all he has to do is step up the game in order to match her energy so that this will be another thing that will potentially frighten the man away.

An unbelievable woman deserves an unbelievable partner. Despite the man’s prevalence that will react to the woman’s strength in ways we already described above, there are men that are going to treat her in the way she deserves to treat her, supporting her in her endeavors, without being threatened by her power.

A woman is never supposed to sacrifice her fundamental strengths, attitudes, or goals for someone – even when this means spending more time being single than he would actually like to spend.

She should maintain her values resolutely, and the appropriate man is going to encourage and respect that.

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