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Some People Really Are Attracted To Intelligence, Suggests Study On Sapiosexuality

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Usually, when a person says that he or she is attracted to another person, they most often to their physical appearance, describing his or her beautiful eyes, hair, smile, whether the person is short or tall, etc.

But, there is another ‘type’ of attraction trending right now. The word ‘sapiosexual’ gained its popularity in the last several years, and a lot of people look like they identify with it. The word sapiosexual describes a person that is attracted to someone else that has higher levels of intelligence. According to a study from recently in one journal called Intelligence, it was confirmed that there is a possibility of someone being sexually excited and interested by the knowledge of the other person. Gilles Gignac, who is a senior lecturer from the University of Western Australia, is actually the one that conducted the study, and there were 383 participants/students in it who took the survey through series of questions which were about whether they are sexually attracted to intelligent people, and in addition to those questions, there were a few others about qualities which they want in a person, and also about intelligence, in order to help them give precise answers. It has been discovered that the sapiosexuality may actually be studied psychometrically, as well as that somewhere between 1% and 8% of the young people between 18 and 35 years were probably sapiosexual. But, one interesting thing was that measuring the IQ of a person in order to see his or her intelligence had not actually predicted the level to which they identify to be sapiosexual. Some other traits mentioned by the students also existed, like kindness, exciting character, interesting personality, as well as being understanding and kind among the most important ones. Then, intelligence took second place. Although some participants were attracted by people that had extremely high IQ, those that were more intelligent than 99% of the others were not that desirable. The best spot was for those that are more intelligent than 90% of other participants. The same survey contained questions such as if the participants get interested in a conversation that stimulates the intelligence of the person or when they listen to someone speaking intelligently is what really attracts them. From all this, the team has noted that it was quite common for individuals to look positively on intelligence, being a good trait for an everlasting relationship, also for sexual and intellectual stimulation, as well as getting better job offers, or make better decisions.

However, Gignac said that the single limitation of the study was that it did not include individuals with below-average intelligence levels.

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