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Today’s Powerful Cancer Full Moon Brings Emotional Turmoil, But There’s A Silver Lining

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

On 22nd of December, 2018, the moon will be at 00°Cn49′ at 17:48 (UT). It’s a special lunation and it will bring in a lot of inner changes within you. Cancer is emotional – so you could expect an emotional turmoil.

That is not all though – there will be alignments of Uranus and Mars and Chiron squares that will stir you from within. It’s a tumultuous time ahead – but you can deal with it.

Coming back home

The Moon is going to be in its own domicile, with its ruling sign, Cancer. This is a powerful lunation and it’s happening just after the Winter Solstice. Winter begins – and we are starting it with a powerful alignment. The sun is present in Capricorn, the relentless and the cold sign. So, the Moon has come back to her home.

This Yuletide, home will be precious. It will bring the warmth and love that you need this holiday season. Cancer is related with family and household. It will enrich us with our ancestral history and connections and bring up Cancerian themes like family dynamics, parent-child relationships, and issues with other relations.

It might bring some difficulties associated with them too. There might be some heated issues in your work and personal life relationships. Absences will be felt more due to Mars and Chiron’s out-of-sign squares. Your emotional side will be heightened.

Nudging the unconscious

The Mars and Chiron square means that there will be a T-square pattern this time. The pattern will turn up your tensions and with heightened emotions – this can be a terrible phase. Mars in Pisces will prod your unconscious into making things more foggy than usual.

It can bring up things that were hidden in the dark but they won’t come up to the light – they will just move in the dark making you feel threatened by the unseen. On top of that, Chiron square does not give us the needed strength – it actually makes us weaker. So be careful during this time.

Letting go

But the planets never really leave your side that easily. The Uranus sextile will back you up during this battle. Also, all the lights fall on 0 degrees of this sign. You get a sense of promise. Zero degrees can mean ‘nothing’, or it could mean endless possibilities – whichever way you choose to look at it.

Now, you might be a bit jaded after the series of retrogrades that had happened this year. It has battered your fighting spirit. That’s where Uranus comes to the rescue. It makes us look at our problems in a more objective way.

We have to move forward – and Uranus puts this determination in us to do so. We are made more capable of leaving the past behind us where it should be and can finally move forward.

Then, Mars can become our friend, giving us imaginative ideas directly from our soul while Chiron can tell us what knowledge we have gathered from the past and could use that knowledge to tackle anything that comes to us in the future. It’s looking at the positive in these troubling times that can get us out and lead us towards glory.

Becoming one with the inner self

The Full Moon illuminates Cancer and Capricorn – two planets that control our public and private world. It’s time that we shut the door to the material world outside, enter a state of solitude and meditation and begin to question our inner selves.

The Moon is in Cancer and the motherly spirits will be high. Mothers care for their children’s needs, and you will need to care for your own desires as well. This lunation will bring more emotional maturity within, if you allow it to happen.

This support is necessary as a balance to our materialistic needs to survive. It might come from within or it might arrive from outside – accept it and become one with it. It’s an important step for your spiritual growth.

The Sabian Symbol of this Full moon is that the sailors lower the old flag and hoist a new one. It’s about starting a new journey – about letting go. You have made it this far.

Congratulate yourself – you can do great this year too! You are strong and capable, and you know it.

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