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Gemini New Moon Rising On 3rd June: Protect What You Already Have

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by Conscious Reminder

The New Moon that will make its appearance on June 3rd, 2019 is going to very useful for you to set your life motion. This New Moon in June is the harbinger of good fortune, especially with money and love.

This New Moon also joins the fixed star named Aldebaran, situated in the Eye of the Bull. Aldebaran is a significant star that presents us with an abundance of courage and energy. This abundance, in turn, helps us reap the benefits of the June New Moon.

However, at this juncture, it is important to avoid being overly optimistic and protect the assets that we already possess.

Meaning Of The June New Moon

The fresh Moon is reminiscent of the birth of a new cycle after it the last one has ended. The conjunction of the Sun with the Moon will shower you with invigorating energy and enterprise. So if you’re embarking on a new journey, this is the time!

June 2019 New Moon – Astrology

The June New Moon makes its appearance in the Constellation of Taurus. As said earlier, this new moon appears in close vicinity to Aldebaran, which is an important star.

The June New Moon is going to make no play at any direct planetary properties other than ones which lie in between some other planets.

The Stars In This New Moon

The star, Aldebaran, is a giant star. It is one of 15 Behenian Fixed Stars. Being a part of the Archangel or Royal Stars, it is the representative of Michael, also known as the Celestial General. The Sun-Moon alignment during new moons is the seat of power in Astrological terms. Hence, it is only obvious that Aldebaran exerts plenty of influence at this time.

This combination presents us with powerful energy in the form of perseverance, courage, and creativity. Stress and anxiety are part and package of this energy surge though. Business or wars will receive recognition, honor, and success, but there will be a high chance of loss.

8. June New Moon 2019

The constellation of Orion is thought to provide a dignified and strong nature. It is also accompanied by violence, arrogance, impiety, and success in business. However, all of this is at risk of poison and treachery.

There are also two other small stars from the Perseus Constellation. These provide some shielding against our enemies while also cautioning us. The Epsilon Leporis star from the Lepus Constellation arms us with defiance, fecundity, circumspection, timidity, and quick wit.

Aspects Of The June New Moon

The Venus-Pluto trine will increase the need for affection and love. It shall add passion and intensity in your relationships as well as those things that bring you satisfaction and joy. A fresh relationship venture will be intense with the involvement of some complications.

The Jupiter-Neptune square (June 16th) might test the beliefs you hold. It is also possible that you might have gone overboard with something. Just avoid anything which promises too much for too little, avoid being overly optimistic.

Saturn-Neptune sextile (June 18th) will help you achieve your dreams. Just work hard and have a well-thought of and realistic tactic. Wisdom from spiritually can bring self-discipline and patience that is required to truly ensure a sound future instead of an exorbitant present.

June 2019 New Moon Conclusion

The star Aldebaran will shower you with courage and great energy, this is going to help you to embark on those empowering fresh starts. The universe will provide plenty even in your relationships and love. Just make sure not to go overboard with anything and proceed everywhere with a healthy dose of caution.

This New Moon will last for four weeks until the solar eclipse on July 2nd.

We hope you are armed with plenty of optimism and the right amount of caution that you need to enter this stage of the year. We sure hope that all you set out to do is immensely successful.

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