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December 2022 New Moon Horoscope: Time To Get Your Life Together

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by Conscious Reminder

Whether or whether 2022 was a tumultuous year for you, most people can agree that we all hope that the upcoming year will bring us even more blessings.

Luckily, the Dec 2022 new moon on December 23 is all about positioning yourself for success. The Moon moves into business-minded Capricorn, pushing us to finish our to-do lists and create our best 2023. The zodiac signs least impacted by the new moon in December 2022 will be able to blow right past it, even though Capricorn vibes may often be harsh as nails.

Although it may seem intense, it will be especially soothing for the signs of the zodiac that are less affected by the new moon’s authoritarian energy.


The new moon activates your tenth house of career, so now is the time to be clear about your long-term professional objectives. Of course, you desire results now, but if you develop and follow a solid, step-by-step plan, there’s a decent possibility they’ll be even better.


Since the new moon is in your eighth house of connection, you should be vulnerable with someone special. To increase your comfort level, you might want to create new boundaries.


You should be vulnerable with a special someone because the new moon is in your eighth house of intimacy. To increase your sense of comfort, you could be good to establish new boundaries.


This new moon emphasizes your one-on-one connections because it falls in your seventh house of partnerships. You can begin an exciting, possibly original new endeavor, especially with the help, inspiration, or tangible inputs from a partner, whether it be a friend, significant other, or work colleague.


It’s a beautiful time to focus on a self-care or health-related habit you’ve been wanting to start during the new moon in your sixth house of wellness. When you put your mind to it, it will eventually become a regular part of your schedule.


The outpouring of encouragement from your fellow earth sign bestie serves as a reminder to savor the little things. Do you have a creative endeavor that is stalled or on the back burner? You should fully commit to your activities as a result of this lunation.


This new moon is in your fourth house of home life, so you can establish new family customs or possibly even make a significant change that alters your domestic environment. Just make sure you respect your needs just as much as those of your family.


The new moon is urging you, Scorpio, to step back while the world around you appears to be shifting right now. This lunation focuses on calm introspection, assessing your development, and attempting to see situations more logically than emotionally.


The new moon is in your second house of earnings, so you might feel pressured to start a business. It could be time to look at alternatives if your current strategy for producing money doesn’t exactly fit with your ideals.


The new moon in your sign will motivate you to make a significant move toward finishing a passion project. Even better outcomes can be attained by tuning into your instincts and taking care of your emotional well-being as you go.


This new moon, which falls in your twelfth house of spirituality, exhorts you to let go of reason and immerse yourself in your imagination. What you come up with might make a surprisingly solid basis for an action plan.


This new moon will be extremely uplifting for you, Pisces. It serves as a timely reminder to rely on your network of support as you go forward in the new year. Right now, new friendships might be forming. Make an effort to restrain your emotions.

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