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Summer 2019 Is Almost Here And These Zodiac Signs Will Be Feeling The Summer Love Vibes

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Summer is the time for some romance. With vacations, tours, the nice weather all coming to town, one can easily expect to fall in love.

The sweet summer fling, as it is forever known, would find itself vested in the three zodiac signs of Leo, Libra and Pisces.

What makes them the true choices for this, is that they are extremely hopeless when it comes to love. And their affairs would all be dreamy, steamy and include exotic locations.

Being a romantic doesn’t just mean being in love, or maintaining that. It is the feeling that you get when you meet someone cute, and they start flirting with you, while you do the same.

The interaction, with the possibility for something more is what entices you to look for more. And what makes this special is that these have an expiry date, so the passion is all the more.

Here are three signs who would love to be ‘flung’.


They aren’t just the mood of the party. They ooze sexual appeal and charisma wherever they go. They are also extremely intuitive and sensitive, abilities that make them understand when they want that ‘sweet lovin’. Basically, they can deal with flings quite well.

Where would they find it: At a bar or club, simply because either they are the most attractive person in the room, or the funniest.


They are not simply the sign for social justice, but are also social butterflies, who are filled with empathy. And not to sound pretty damn arrogant, charming like Pitt. They can make friends very easily, and will strike up an interesting conversation with anyone, over anything.

Where would they find it: Probably at an art museum, or a rock concert, where they would be discussing Dali together.


They are moody and can be grouchy like Scorpio too. But, they also love day dreaming, and flings would simply look and feel like another adventure for them. Unlike others, the fling would burn very slowly, and might actually lead to something. Who knows?

Where will they find it: Water sign, so somewhere definitely near a pool. Or a lake, or any water body for the fact. It might be that lifeguard at your community pool. You never know.

Go out, and have the time of your lives. Love well and deep. Have your summertime madness!

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