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Meaning Of Number 14: Keeping The Balance Between Freedom & Control

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by Conscious Reminder

With the help of synchronicities, our Universe usually shows us messages, clues, and instructions which are encoded within some numbers.

In fact, 14 is definitely one of those numbers which are the most common synchronous ones, so we can know a lot more about what it means.

With the use of numerology, we can decode those messages, and they will be helpful for us to better understand something more about us and also our path in this life too.

So, if we sometimes experienced the synchronicity of this number, or 14 is also meaningful in our numerological chart of life, this is what we have to know about the meaning it has:

The nature of the number 1, 4 and 5.

When looking at numbers which have more than only one digit, there will be the need to just simplify those numbers in order to find the essence. We can do that if we sum the digits. And, for this particular number, it would be 1+4 = 5.

Hence, the nature of this number, from a numerological point of view, is actually the combination of 1, 4 and 5. And, five will be the most significant part as it is the base essence of the number 14.

The nature of the number 1 and the number 4 will play a less significant role, but still, a significant one when it comes to what 14 means.

This is what we should know:

So, 5 is a number which represents personal independence, freedom, courage, self-improvement or some other ideals of individualists. It appears alone, treads the path which is unbeaten, and even hates when it has to rely on someone else.

In fact, 1 is a number about starting fresh, beginnings, getting going and making decisions. It is logical that this number is about origins because it is definitely the first step which every journey has to take and start with.

And, 4 is a number which represents creation, building, creativity, productive life aspects and maintaining. It also revels in worthwhile endeavors and hard work.

When we combine these numbers’ essence, we may interpret this number – 14 – on the basis of the situation this number arises in.

Situations can be different, and the context is said to be everything – this means that we will not be able to know what other people’s 14 means all of the time. But, we can see how things can be applied to a particular situation, and then we can apply them to our own.

What is the meaning of 14: Is it the time to finally spread our wings?

Lately, we were feeling stuck. We are underpaid, overworked, and we feel under-appreciated. We will start wondering if we have to look for our new job and as we do so, we are going to start noticing the synchronicity of the number 14. This number will show up everywhere.

In fact, the nature of the number 5 will strike out on our own, gaining some independence and also taking the undesired and unconventional route.

As well, the nature of the number 1 will be to begin on our new journey, and start fresh, while the nature of the number 4 will emphasize creation and building.

In this particular situation, 14 may suggest that we start our own business, freelance or also take better control of our working lives. In fact, taking control is going to be excellent for us spiritually, permitting some of our powers to come back to us where it has been in the hands of someone else before.

We have to remember that if our interpretation feels like the right one, then there is a huge possibility that it is the right one. Intuition is our primary tool when we communicate with our Universe.

When this number shows repeatedly, it will be the time for us to take control once again, and begin building new things which we can feel proud of evolving and growing in something really amazing.

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