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This Is How To Survive Your First Saturn Return

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by Conscious Reminder

Saturn takes around 30 earth years for its journey around the Sun. Saturn Return implies the completion of one such revolution.

It hits us usually when we are about 27-30 years old. The Return signifies Saturn returning to the position in your chart it was in when you were born. This alignment brings major changes and is quite stressful.

If you are in your late twenties and yet to experience your first Saturn Return, here are some things you should keep in mind.

1. No matter how good Saturn is to you generally, the Return phase always brings tough life lessons. Saturn prepares us for life with tough love, and these lessons will bring us closer to maturity.

2. Embrace the changes Saturn brings your way. Be it a shift of house or getting hitched, major life changes take place during this time. The best way to survive is to embrace the changes and be flexible in your ways.

3. The ruler of structure and responsibilities, Saturn uses this time to make us more responsible and accountable. Focus your energy on taking charge of your life. Address the issues that hold you back.

4. With so many changes all around, it is easy to feel unstable and uprooted. This is why you must focus on your inner voice. Let it be your guide and anchor. Let it provide you solutions for all your doubts.

5. Commitment is a major issue for Saturn. So, you either need to fully commit to some issues or let them go completely. If you don’t make the tough decisions now, Saturn will force it upon you.

6. Since Saturn Return involves many serious decisions, it is important to confront the past. This is a great time to introspect, look back, and fix things up. Remove the shackles of bad habits, strengthen your foundation. Only then can you look forward to a happier future.

When it comes to Saturn Returns, just remember that it is here to make you stronger. If you can persevere through the struggles during this phase, you will be prepared for life.

Let Saturn Return be your opportunity for empowerment!

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