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4 Zodiacs That Will Be Most Affected By Cancer Season 2019

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by Conscious Reminder

While Gemini has given us a good start to the pre-summer, if that is even a thing, we need to relax now. The Cancer season is almost here.

From June 21 to July 22, we would need to pace ourselves. Don’t get burnt out. For Cancer season is all about self care, and looking out for yourselves. So even if you are a person who loves to socialise and go out, now is not the time. Stay indoors, and laze around.

But as with everything else, this season would affect everyone differently. Some zodiacs would face it more, in the form of a domestic attraction.

You would love to stay indoors, hang around with family, look after them, or maybe refurbish your household. Anything that gives you peace. On the other hand of the spectrum, some of you might even be feeling a shift in your romantic Relationships.

It is stupid to think that all would be affected the same way. Some would see a change in the very human they are, and sometimes in their desires and emotions.

Here are 4 Zodiacs that would be affected more.


You have always been social and outgoing, which is probably going to take a hit this Cancer season. You might be forced to look into yourself for the time being, focusing on your own personal growth, which might also lead you to face some personal and difficult truths. Don’t worry, simply take a step back and let it wash over you.


This is you. And you would be stupid to think that this won’t affect you. Of course it will! You would feel your emotions close to your surface, and your intuitions coming up here and now. While both of those are beneficial for your place in the light, make sure they don’t start ruling who you are.


You would be burnt out due to work, and it is going to take everything that you have to not. This Cancer season is simply going to open your eyes to the stress you have been taking. So, take some time off, get your focus, and your drive and return back. You need it.


You would see it yourself how important relationships have turned out to be in your life. They will be on your mind all the time, almost making you prioritize them over your own self care. Don’t ever let yourself do that.

Take care, for Cancer 2019 is going to make you sweat for your bread.

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