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What Will The Mercury Retrograde In Pisces Bring?

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by Conscious Reminder

If a planet seems to be going backwards from the Earth, it is referred to as the planet is in retrograde. This time, Mercury is going to go retrograde and it does so quite often.

It goes retrograde 3 to 4 times every year. Retrogrades can be a bit difficult to deal with, especially since they play a major role in defining our life and our decision-making capabilities during this period.

The Basics 

The Mercury retrograde begins with the shadow and storm phase. The shadow phase starts from the 19th of February and goes to the 16th of April. When Mercury turns direct to the Zodiac, that is the point when the shadow period begins. But the real effect starts when Mercury stars entering the storm phase.

During the storm phase, Mercury starts to move slowly, about 40 minutes each day. Mercury is generally fast, but when it slows down, it starts to get a bit feisty. That’s when the effects show.

Generally, there are two storm phases that will occur.  The first storm phase will take place between the 1st of March to the 10th of March. The second storm phase will take place between 22nd March and the 6th of April.

The Dreamy Pisces

This time the Mercury energy is entering into Pisces. Pisces is dreamy and a bit delusional. It can’t really put a shape to its dreams and so they end up being foggy. Now, with the entire retrograde taking place in Pisces, you can feel your mind finding it difficult to conceptualize and come to a proper decision.

It is always wandering and this path leads to nowhere. Also, when your mind is acting in this manner, you will feel more and more tired. Your energy will be drained in trying to make out the plans, or in making those dreamy journeys that Pisces compels you to do. It would be best to take some rest and ground ourselves. We need to set boundaries in our thoughts.

Too Much Compassion

Pisces is also very understanding and empathetic. But during this retrograde, we can end up overdosing on empathy. If we become too kind, someone can take advantage of us and that will only lead to resentment.

Or, during the retrograde, the opposite could happen and we can turn off our compassion and start acting cruelly. Neither of these positions is true. However, in some cases, you might encounter a situation when you can either be kind, or be cruel, so, use your wisdom properly.

A Spiritual Side

Pisces is also quite spiritual and empowers our intuitive energy. So, it will be a great time to meditate and be one with our spiritual side.

Unfortunately, the dreamy Pisces will make our mind wander and that will just spoil all our efforts to engage with our spiritual side. However, we can use our intuition better to guide us down the right path.

A Final Closure

Pisces comes at the end of all the Zodiac signs, so it is time for a bit of closure. If you are holding on to something, it is time to let go. If you are encountering any kind of block or resistance within you, then you can just eliminate it by going back to the roots. However, the retrograde might bring back something that we thought was over – so, face it and if it is unresolved, try to confront and solve it.

Art, toxins and water are related to Pisces too. We may find some advancements related to tackling water pollution. Plus, if you are a creative person in art or music, then you can find some change happening inside you. Large animals are a part of Piscean energy so that will get our attraction too.

Critical Period

The Piscean energy during this retrograde will be up to an 11 for some few reasons. First up, it’s starting at the anaretic degree. This is the last degree and a crisis energy points, which is the 29 degrees of any zodiac sign.

It is indicative of the coming of a difficult time. This anaretic will continue from the 2nd of March to the 8th of March so you need to be careful during this period.

Just after the day on which the retrograde begins, Uranus will be moving into Taurus. Uranus will be in anaretic but this time, it will be in Aries. This will be wild energy coming through.

On the 6th of March, a new moon will be occurring in Pisces. This will happen after the day when the Mercury retrograde begins. It will be a good sign as we can make use of the energy of the moon and be one with our intuition, and engage with our spiritual side.

When the retrograde is in conjunct with the Sun in Pisces on the 15th of March, then it will be a wonderful time to begin something new on which you could focus on for the next two months. The thing that will keep your attention shall be decided by your chart.

The Aspects Of The Retrograde

At 17 degrees in Pisces, Mercury will enter a critical degree which will amplify the Piscean energy. Try to stay grounded and keep yourself aligned to reality. On the 24th of March, the Neptune energy will come into play and the conjunct starts to break off, and it will bring some closure of a deal.

Mercury then makes four of its major aspect during this retrograde: a sextile transit with Mars in Taurus on March 17th which can be good for taking actual action with your plans; square transit with Jupiter in Sagittarius on March 15th which can transform us into big talkers; a sextile transit with Saturn in Capricorn on March 20th which will make us focused; and a sextile transit with Pluto in Capricorn on March 16th which will give us a bit of control to our lives.

The Moon will be in Mercury, Virgo and Gemini on March 12th -14th and on March 18th – 20th. This will bring a bit of anxiety in our lives so try to be patient and calm down.

The retrograde will be beginning at 29 degrees Pisces, so the Pisceans born after the 17th of March will be more affected by it. The retrograde will be ending at 16 degrees Pisces, so Pisceans born on March 4th – 9th may be affected by the concluding parts of it.

If you have the anaretic planets in your charts, then the beginning of the retrograde can be a bit messy for you.

So, this Mercury retrograde is going to be a bit dreamy and a bit challenging too. But it will be ending on the 28th of March, so don’t get too worried. You will be able to pass through it just fine.

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