4 Zodiacs That Won’t Be Much Affected By Cancer Season 2019

by Conscious Reminder

It is inevitable that you are feeling done for right now. The year is midway, the pressure at work keeps increasing, and you are simply exhausted 24/7. Probably why you are looking for Cancer season.

With its initiation at the Summer solstice (June 21), till July 22, you would feel a gentle breeze upon you, as it caresses you to relax.

Cancers are family oriented, fun loving people in itself, and when the season matches the vibe, it is hardly surprising that the month would begin in a lazy haze. And honestly, that is something you would need.

The myth about Cancer season being all about depression and sadness will be proven wrong, as people all around us would be looking to better themselves while drawing deep within themselves.

This would be the time when you need to introspect upon yourselves. Don’t be too hard, simply nudge yourself on the correct path. But mostly, it would ask you to find a safe haven for yourself. One, that would give you peace.

It is not uncommon that most zodiacs don’t feel the effect of a particular season like most other seasons do. Would be the same case here, too. While the notion of staying in, lazing around, taking things slow would still be in the air, some zodiacs would feel it more, while the other zodiacs would simply find themselves getting more and more relaxed, and nothing else.

And seriously, who wouldn’t want that?

Here are 4 zodiac signs that wouldn’t feel Cancer season 2019 as much as other zodiacs.


Go deep within yourself. Now is the time to focus on who you are as a person, instead of simply focusing on the world outside. The drama, the confrontation, the Twitter battles… all would stay. But first, you have to grill yourself into a diamond.


Although you are someone who loves being in the hub of conversation and gossip, this Cancer season would show you, and the world a different side of you. One, that is quiet, calm and willing to be within itself. One, that sets boundaries and adheres to them.


You are in need of that vacation. Leave your surroundings, for they simply are a venue for ideal gossip and the usual meaningless chatter. Go somewhere where no one knows you, and you can simply focus on yourself.


Work will be there tomorrow too. But what happens if you die of stress today? Let things be. You don’t have to fight against time to earn more, work more, struggle more. Take a day off, laze around the house. Read some good book, or simply sleep. Revitalize.

Focus on yourself and relax. This cancer season implores you to.

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