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Crystal Care: What To Do If My Crystal Breaks?

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How Do I Care For My Stones? What To Do If My Crystal Breaks?

This is a question I hear from almost all the energy healers. Say you are working with the stone, taking good care of it, listening to its vibration, incorporating it in your own ritual, and out of blue the crystal breaks!! It broke on its own, you are not at fault here. Why did it happen? What to do now?

There can be many reasons why the gemstone broke

There can be many different reasons for the gemstone to break. But it is often the case that the gemstone breaks due to toxic saturation.

In our modern lives, we live in so much toxicity that the gemstones get saturated trying to protect you. Thus you must give your thanks to the gemstone.

Are you using it for healing?

You must not continue to use the gemstone for healing. The stone has already served its purpose. And if the stone broke while performing any ritual, then consider burying it.

Apart from these, there can be few other reasons why the crystal broke. The reason can be that the gemstone simply did not resonate with your vibration.

The breaking can be a sign that you must share it with someone else.

The Metaphysical Properties Of Each Stone Are Different.

The gemstones radiate powerful vibrations which affect how you think, feel and interact. Thus you must be very careful while choosing the right stone for you.

The stone can attract you subconsciously, thus pay close attention to such ones.

These crystals have magical correspondences and thus vibrate with some specific numbers. Thus you’ll have some stones chosen for you ever before you knew it. The number and pattern can be your birthday or your sign.

Be very deliberate while choosing your stone and take good care of it by understanding it with the help of signs that it gives out.

So, these were some of the necessary things about crystal care.

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